Year 3&4 Sportshall Athletics Champions!

Yesterday we took part in our first Athletics competition of the year, the competition was held at the Billesley Indoor tennis centre as it offers fantastic facilities. We were one of 8 schools to participate on the day with all teams consisting of 9 boys and 9 girls who competed in either a track, field or both track and field events. The standard of the competition was very high and the children on the day were second to none, their attitudes, behaviour and competitiveness saw them finish in first place by a massive 42  points! Well done to everyone involved, another competition won this year.



IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3526 IMG_3529 IMG_3530

Spy Kids!!!

IMG_4444 IMG_4445 IMG_4446

This week the children are trying to solve a mystery. A strange suitcase has arrived in RB2 and it has been up to the boys to rummage through the contents and find clues as to who the owner could be.

IMG_4450 IMG_4457

We found some hi-tech binoculars,

IMG_4459 IMG_4456

Some earpieces,


a camera, clothes and a notebook containing case files for a very interesting case.

The boys compiled all of their clues and in true Sherlock Holmes style deduced that the owner of this mysterious package is a 12 year old child under cover in a school called Ashley.


To delve into this mystery, the boys are going to write their own story to determine what actually happened to Ashley and bust this case wide open!


We are scientists.

In science this term, RB are learning all about light. So far we have been studying the sources of light and where it comes from…

img_4397 img_4400img_4395 img_4394The RB2 boys demonstrated how we see objects from a light source.

We also did an experiment to test how large shadows get the further away a light source is…

img_4421 img_4427 img_4436 img_4439

Here are their findings;

img_4432 img_4442

We will continue to shine a light on this phenomenon and research further to see where this exciting topic can take us.

Year 5’s Trip to Birmingham

How has Birmingham had an impact on the world?

On Friday 18th November, Year 5 visited Birmingham City Centre to learn more about Matthew Boulton and the Industrial Revolution.img_2323 

After an exciting trip on the train, we arrived at Snow Hill Station at 9:45am not far from where Matthew Boulton grew up.img_2327

Then we walked to Broad Street where we located the statue of Boulton, Watts and Murdoch. img_2333

Here we did observational drawings of the statue into our sketchbooks and we gathered facts about the inventors. It was very sunny!!img_2329

Then we headed back to New Street where we stopped for lunch at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  img_2335

Finally, we explored BMAG and enjoyed tours around their Birmingham People and Places exhibition and Birmingham History exhibition. We learned about how Birmingham has changed over the years including details about the Industrial Revolution. img_2347 img_2366 img_2382

After all of that we made our way back to Snow Hill station where we got a train back to Yardley Wood. Wow…. what a day!


Year 3&4 Gymnastics competition

img_34551 img_34591 img_34621 img_34691 img_34751 img_34741 img_34771

On Tuesday 22nd November we entered into our first gymnastics competition of the year, it was a mixed gender competition and we competed against 7 other schools from around the borough. The standard was extremely high with many young talented gymnast’s there who compete for clubs outside of school. The children had a floor routine and a vault each to learn before performing them on the night, each child performed to the best of their ability and worked so hard during the weeks before the competition to practice and perfect each part of their floor routine and vault. Overall we finished just outside the medals by 2 points, finishing fourth overall. A great effort by all, well done!

Healthy Pizza!

On Tuesday we had the best afternoon of the year so far, because we got to make Pizza. However, it was special pizza, because it was a healthy pizza.

We use these ingredients;

img_3357 Tomato sauce (One of your 5 a day) img_3358 Light Cheese (less fat in it) img_3359 Mushroom (One of your 5 a day)img_3360 Sweetcorn (One of your 5 a day) img_3361 Wholemeal pitta bread.

We made our pizza using the ingredients. 

img_3362 img_3363 img_3364

Then we cooked them in the oven


Then we ate them (they were better than Pizza Hut). 


Book Week 2016 – Sponsored Read


Book Week this year has been jampacked with exciting reading opportunities. To start things off, we launched a sponsored read and challenged all children, from Nursery to Year 6, to read for 15 minutes everyday for a week.

Each year group was challenged to earn as much money as possible through reading sponsorship, with the promise that whatever they earned they could keep and spend on lovely new books for their classrooms.

The response from the children and parents was overwhelming, with a grand total of £1391 being raised for new books.  Usborne, our book sponsor, then gifted a further £834 of free books to say well done to Billesley!  A whopping £2225 for the children to spend.

A special mention went out to 14 children, who between them raised an amazing £650! They received a thank you certificate during our Monday assembly and a rapturous round of applause.

Each Year Group is now currently browsing the Usborne catalogue and choosing the books they want to purchase,  read and keep in their classrooms. Wonderful, wonderful stuff!

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all the parents and children for being so generous and helping the school to raise such a fantastic amount of money, to help inspire reading.

Reading is the key to success.

Mr Hudson


Arghhhh Pirates!

Ever wondered whether pirates actually walk the plank?

If they really buried their treasure?

Who Blackbeard really was?

When piracy ended?

Well, if you have…

Welcome to Year 6’s wonderful world of pirates!

For our topic Crime and Punishment we learned about some of the most notorious criminals in history – pirates!

The video you are about to watch has been researched by Year 6, written by Year 6, performed by Year 6 and designed by Year 6!

BE WARNED! Several questionable puns and pirate accents ahead…