Priory Tennis Coaching Session

On Monday 5th November we were given the brilliant opportunity to be coached by some newly trained coaches. It is a program that focuses on girls engagement and enthusiasm for Tennis. We took a mixture of 18 very excited year 1 and 2 girls.

The girls were ecstatic to be traveling on a double decker bus.

They were introduced to many different skills using lots of equipment and methods.

The girls then finished with a relay race testing the skills they had learnt.

Aleeza said “I really enjoyed when we had to get into groups and work as a team to do the skills”.

Thank You so much to Claire from Edgbaston Priory Tennis for inviting us and giving the girls such a brilliant opportunity and experience. 

Football Festival

On Monday 15th October Billesley took a squad of pupils to take part in a football festival. There was a selection of teams from the birmingham area.

We took a squad of 8 players who enjoyed the experience immensely and represented the school brilliantly.

Really looking forward to the next competition.

IMG_5305 IMG_5309 IMG_5312

Playleader Training

Friday 5th October  was the first playleader training of the year. Ten enthusiastic pupils gained some essential skills, and will hopefully use them to help other children have fun and be active at lunchtimes.

Confidence, initiative, teamwork, communication are some of the skills that our playleaders developed today.

Well done to all of them.

IMG_5239 IMG_5235 IMG_5241

Year 3/4 Football Festival

On 25th September Billesley took a squad of 6 footballers to play in a year 3/4 festival. The games were 5 aside and the children presented the school brilliantly.  It was a really enjoyable experience for all the players. We are extremely proud of their performance.

IMG_5084 IMG_5079 IMG_5081