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Arghhhh Pirates!

Ever wondered whether pirates actually walk the plank?

If they really buried their treasure?

Who Blackbeard really was?

When piracy ended?

Well, if you have…

Welcome to Year 6’s wonderful world of pirates!

For our topic Crime and Punishment we learned about some of the most notorious criminals in history – pirates!

The video you are about to watch has been researched by Year 6, written by Year 6, performed by Year 6 and designed by Year 6!

BE WARNED! Several questionable puns and pirate accents ahead…

Witch Trial in Year 6

Hubble bubble toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble! 


Are you a witch?

If you were a woman, upset someone, were good at helping people or kept herbs in your house, then according to the Salem, Massachusetts court, you were!

Year 6 spent the afternoon learning about the ‘crime’ of witchcraft and how it was punished in the late 17th century.

img_4373 img_4372 img_1165  img_4371img_1166

We discussed what a witch looks like – boils, pointed hat, broom, black cat – and realised that  all the women who were accused in 1692 fitted none of these descriptions.

Using a drama game called WOOSH, we discovered how the trials began and abruptly ended a year later, solidifying them in the memory of all hundreds of years later.


Even though witches didn’t start All Hallows Eve, this lesson did get us excited for Halloween!

Trick or treat!

Warwick Castle

Nestled between modern and historical homes in its town centre, Warwick castle is a beautiful example of medieval architecture! And, earlier in the term, Year 6 luckily got to go there!

Beautiful Castle!

    img_0953  img_4145

Our topic this term is ‘Crime and Punishment’ and we went to the majestic keep to learn about how certain crimes were treated throughout the eras that the castle has stood. Unanimously, we all agreed that being branded a criminal was a fate worse than death!img_0949

We saw a damp gaul, the grand Great Hall and the stunning views from the castle’s stone walls.


We even got to see a real life trebuchet blast a fireball into the Warwickshire countryside!


Once back at school, we used these amazing sights and sounds to help us with our writing and topic work.


Year 6’s Readathon

Year 6 have recently visited Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


We have decided to raise money for them by doing a live Readathon on youtube.

You can sponsor us by visiting the schools reception and putting money into this box…


Billesley’s Got Talent Auditions

We have had an amazing afternoon in year 6. There is so much talent.

Well done to the 10 amazing acts who battled it out to become the year 6 entries for Billesley’s Got talent. 

The winners were!!!!

Abaz and the cheese crew

Cara the impressionist