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Year 3 visit Rome!

We are so excited because Google Expeditions came to visit! It was epic putting on the goggles, exploring the Colosseum, going inside the Pantheon and touring round the ancient market.
Oooo’s and Aaaaah’s rippled across the school as the children gasped with amusement. img_0654img_0650

Yr3 Stans Cafe

We had the amazing opportunity to work with a team of experts and create stories and animations!


We went to Sarehole Mill to get some inspiration and got to listen to a few stories too. We collected interesting fallen leaves and flowers and also looked at our environment through a frame to pick out detail.


We used colour charts to come up with interesting names like ‘honey roasted pumpkin’


We structured our stories…

IMG_0175IMG_0885 IMG_0180 IMG_0181  IMG_0888

Animated them to bring them to life…

stans cae and arts 004  stans cae and arts 006

            IMG_0897    IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0894

We had an amazing week working with Stans Cafe and will not forget the brilliant skills we learnt in story telling!

Year 3 Spelling Beeeee

We had classroom competitions using the year 3 and 4 spelling words and picked our best spellers. They went on to compete with each other to find the YEAR 3 spelling bee champion!

 IMG_0429[1] IMG_0430[1] IMG_0431[1]


Umani from 3K won the competition!IMG_0440[1]


It was so brave of them to stand in front of the other year groups and their parents. They did so well that Mr Rogerson had to move onto the harder spelling words. We are so proud of them all!


Year 3 had the amazing opportunity to get trained by an Aston Villa coach! They had a fantastic morning and cant wait for next time! ‘We had a brilliant time and were really excited about showing off our skills!’

Also the Aston Villa coach scouted one of our brilliant young footballers, Charlie!!! who will now go on trial at Aston Villa in the up coming season! Outstanding achievement – well done Charlie!  

IMG_0369IMG_0142   IMG_0143 IMG_0144IMG_0148IMG_0145

IMG_0150IMG_0151 IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0365 IMG_0366IMG_0368

Year 3 Discovering the Rainforest!

We had the opportunity to venture to Billesley Common and imagine what it would be like in the rainforest. We had to spot the different layers and use lots of adjectives to describe what we could see.

IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0296 IMG_0085

Then we created a rainforest box, where we showed the different layers of the rainforest. Some of us even planted real plants!

IMG_0328 IMG_0103

IMG_0322 IMG_08091

We also got to make costumes and create a play about the different layers of the rainforest.

IMG_0828 IMG_0108 IMG_0317

Dear Greenpeace…

In year three we have been writing formal letters explaining why animals could not possibly live in Trittiford Mill Pool! Today we had to think of at least three reasons why a certain animal could not live there and report back to the rest of the class using; fronted adverbials, extended noun phrases, multi clause sentences including conjunctions and even modifiers! A few of the animals included a camel, giraffe, chicken and kangaroo! image image image image imageSome of our animals and reasons were extremely interesting!