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Healthy Pizza!

On Tuesday we had the best afternoon of the year so far, because we got to make Pizza. However, it was special pizza, because it was a healthy pizza.

We use these ingredients;

img_3357 Tomato sauce (One of your 5 a day) img_3358 Light Cheese (less fat in it) img_3359 Mushroom (One of your 5 a day)img_3360 Sweetcorn (One of your 5 a day) img_3361 Wholemeal pitta bread.

We made our pizza using the ingredients. 

img_3362 img_3363 img_3364

Then we cooked them in the oven


Then we ate them (they were better than Pizza Hut). 


Year Two’s Chocolate factory.

On Wednesday afternoon, we ditched the pencils and grabbed ourselves spoons. We put our books aside and grasped jugs of chocolate, because we were no longer just learning about chocolate… we were creating our own.

First, we made our chocolate bar wrappers.

img_3248  img_3246                 img_3247

Next, we got our healthy ingredients. We had cranberries, raisins and used cereals with small amounts of sugar in them.


Then we melted the ingredients and did lots and lots of stirring. Our arms go very tired, but it was worth it!

img_3250       img_3253img_3254img_3255img_3257img_3260

After lots of stirring, we had to put the chocolate on special grease proof paper and wait for it to set.

img_3261 img_3262

Finally, we put the chocolate bar into the wrapper and it was ready to eat!!!

img_3264 img_3265

Year 2 Art!!!

What an artistic term we have had!!! Looking at and creating portraits. We had a go at the start of the term.


They were good, but we were inspired to do better!!!

So, we were creative, by practicing and practicing, and then… practicing some more.

We are so proud of what we have achieved.


Just look at that shading.

Year 2 have gone chocolate crazy!!!!

This term year two have been learning all about Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Image result for chocolate

We have been to Cadbury’s factory and got to taste all the delicious bars of chocolate they make.

Image result for cadbury factory

Now we are becoming chocolatiers, yes you heard it right. We are making our own chocolate bars. Coming to a playground near you. However, these are special bars, because they are healthy and of course tasty.

Image result for raisins and dried fruit

Next Friday we will be creating some of our inventions. It is going to be incredible.

Billesley’s Marvellous Creations! Friday 21st of October!


Helping You, Help Your Child!

This week, the Year 2 parents attended a workshop to help their children at home.


Together we enjoyed learning about phonics, reading and SPaG.  The children especially enjoyed sharing their knowledge with their parents and putting it into practise!


Thank you to all those parents, who attended the mornings and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

image[9] image[8]  image image[3] image[4] image[5]

You won’t believe where we have bean!

Today, all of Year Two went to the wonderful Cadbury World in Bournville. We went there to find out more about John Cadbury as part of our Famous People in Birmingham’s History topic. We had an absolutely amazing time! We went on an awesome African adventure in the play area, shrieked with delight in the fantastic 4D cinema, gazed in awe at the magnificent manufacturing plant and covered our faces in delicious, creamy chocolate. We discovered more about John Cadbury’s life-long campaigns against child labour, animal cruelty and alcohol abuse, found out that the first cocoa beans were unearthed by Mayan Indians and learnt bout the growth of the Bournville village, a stark contrast to the Birmingham back to backs. Also, we were given lots of free Cadbury’s chocolate to tease our friends and families with… Mmmm…

Roald Dahl Day in Year Two!


We had a thoroughly enjoyable day in Year Two celebrating the wondrous and whimsical works of Roald Dahl! For one day only, our classrooms were absolutely full with witches, mad men, oompa loompas and animals! We dressed up as some of our favourite fantastical characters from Roald Dahl’s books, listened to some of his amazing stories and then had the opportunity to create some of our very own Roald Dahl-esque characters. We cut up the faces of various animals, people and ‘things’, moved eyes, shuffled mouths, budged noses and shifted ears, and then stuck everything down to create some truly scary, disgusting and fascinating beings! There were animals with owl’s eyes, elephant trunks, lion’s teeth and bunny ears! Following our brilliant artwork, we embraced our inner Roald Dahls and wrote some excellent character descriptions. We focused on including fantastic adjectives and exciting verbs. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs!

20150911_135951[1]  20150911_135941[1]

Year 2 Seaside Topic

We have been learning all about the seaside. We are very excited about our trip to Weston-Super-Mare on Friday 11th July.

At the beach we will be having a sandcastle building competition…watch this space!seaside blog

Children will be using a web based program to produce seaside themed pictures on our return.