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Year Five : We are Cryptographers

ICT Drama
Crypto Wheel to help try and guess a password…
Pupils tried to out smart their partners and computers by guessing a password!

Year Five’s exciting investigation into cryptography continued this week with the discussion and investigation of passwords. The pupils thought about the importance of keeping a password safe as part of our E-Safety and the significance of actually having a password. Some of the children created a short drama piece to convey how they thought someone might try to retrieve a password indirectly from another person. We compared the difference between simple passwords and more complex passwords and used simple words for our examples. We decided that a simple password could be as easy to crack as; ‘password’, where as a more complex password (using the same word for the basis) could be altered to read, ‘Pa55W0rD!’ or even ‘P@SsWoRd_2016’. The pupils even had an opportunity to challenge the computer in guessing a password!

Singing in the Rain


On Saturday 28th of June some very dedicated and talented members of our choir performed at the Happy Valley Festival. They performed as a huge group with children from many other local schools. The weather was exceptionally wet, which meant the children had to perform in a large marquee! Their voices sounded fantastic and it made the audience feel like the sun was shining.