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Brilliant 2nd place in Super 4s Athletics

The year 4 Athletics team performed amazingly in Tuesdays super 4s athletics. Achieving 2nd place inĀ  a team competition that meant that all 8 of our athletes, 4 boys and 4 girls had to complete all 4 events. These included javelin, standing broad jump, 400m and 50m runs.

Coming in the top 3 of 9 teams means we now go to the Birmingham school games taking place at Birmingham university on Friday 13th July.

Well done again to our boys and girls.

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Step, Scoot and Pedal – What a success!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in any way they could during our Step, Scoot and Pedal week.

The extra number of bikes and scooters in the bike racks was evident and SLT said that traffic congestion outside the school in the mornings and afternoons was so much lower.

The government has identified the commute to school and work for people is a really important opportunity for exercise during the day. We hope that our focus week has changed families habits and more are travelling to school on foot on wheels that require exercise. Leave the car at home if you can.

We had a draw for the children who had the highest participation rates during the week and the 2 winning children received scooters. Well done to both.

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Year Five : We are Cryptographers

ICT Drama
Crypto Wheel to help try and guess a password…
Pupils tried to out smart their partners and computers by guessing a password!

Year Five’s exciting investigation into cryptography continued this week with the discussion and investigation of passwords. The pupils thought about the importance of keeping a password safe as part of our E-Safety and the significance of actually having a password. Some of the children created a short drama piece to convey how they thought someone might try to retrieve a password indirectly from another person. We compared the difference between simple passwords and more complex passwords and used simple words for our examples. We decided that a simple password could be as easy to crack as; ‘password’, where as a more complex password (using the same word for the basis) could be altered to read, ‘Pa55W0rD!’ or even ‘P@SsWoRd_2016’. The pupils even had an opportunity to challenge the computer in guessing a password!