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Inspire, Create, Achieve Day

On Thursday 15th September,  all the pupils at Billesley Primary School took part in a special day to launch our 3 school values….

Inspire, Create and Achieve

As children and parents, entered the playground on that misty September morning, they were intrigued to find our new values lurking in weird and wonderful ways. An instant buzz of excitement filled the air as pupils wondered what was going on.


Once inside their classrooms, pupils were asked what they thought each word meant and had to write  their ideas down onto large, sheets of paper. Using these ideas, they then had came up with their own definitions for each word.

img_1691 img_1674img_1688

Feeling inspired, it was now time to get creative. It was challenge time! Taking one of the  value words, pupils had to come up with an unusual and exciting way to display it.   We had a whole range of ideas from spelling the words using shoes and jumpers to using our own bodies!

After break, it was time to get inspired once again.

All pupils were involved in a P4C enquiry based around a book called ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds. During discussions, classes came up with questions inspired by the events in the story. This lead to some incredibly insightful and interesting conversations, with pupils listening and responding to each others ideas and opinions.


In the afternoon, the whole school continued  to be inspired by ‘The Dot’  with pupils being asked to create something influenced by the story. Children created a whole range of things include drawings, plays, poems, dances, stories, collages, raps…

To celebrate everything the school had achieved that afternoon, we created a whole school gallery in the main hall, where everyone could share what they had created and we could all be inspired by each others achievements.

Well done Billesley! What an amazing day it was!

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