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Theatre in RB1.

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This week the children have been showcasing their acting skills to their friends. After the excitement and success of our theatre trip last week, we have set up a stage area so the children can put on their own shows. RB1 have been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and have been recounting different parts of the story to perform to the rest of the class. Give the kids an Oscar!

The Base went to theatre.

This week the Base went on an annual trip to the Hippodrome to watch the pantomime. This year’s panto was Aladdin; starring Marti Pellow, Julian Clary and Lee Mead. The children were all extremely excited to see what would happen to Aladdin and Jasmine. There were boos when the villain of the show came on stage, there were screams when we went on a 3D journey into the scary temple, there were laughs when Wishee Washee told funny jokes and most of all, there were cheers of joy when Aladdin and Jasmine finally got married. The children had an amazing time and are already excited to see Dick Wittington next year.

Making pasta in the base.

IMG_8269 IMG_8267 IMG_8264 IMG_8266 IMG_8261 IMG_8260The children have worked really hard making pasta in the base today. Using flour and egg, the children were able to mix the ingredients together, roll the dough into a thin, round base and then  cut them into lots of different and interesting shapes. Once that was done, the pasta was cooked and added to a tomato sauce which was then enjoyed by all. We made pasta to keep in our theme this term,  which is all about the Roman Empire. What other Italian tasty treats will the children be cooking next? Keep checking to find out…

Performance poetry by the base.


This week the base have been studying poetry in all its exciting forms. The children have looked at many different poets and watched many different videos such as Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah. Oscar took inspiration from the latter and wrote ‘Be unkind to cows’ (Okay, he turned it on its head but the idea is there). You can watch the poem in all its glory here. All the kids did a fantastic job and showed extreme confidence when performing to friends, teachers and the senior leadership team. A big well done to Harry as well who managed to fix the computer when we suddenly ran into technical difficulties.

Good job guys, we are all proud of you!

Merry Christmas.


Christmas cooking and singing in the Resource Base.

On Friday 11th we were pleased to welcome our parents to our mince pie making session. Our mums and dads really enjoyed getting the hands messy making the pastry and then filling it with mincemeat to make the pies.

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Whilst we waited for them to cook, we entertained our parents with our very own Christmas Concert. Watch our videos to enjoy our fantastic singing!

A fantastic Christmas afternoon was had by all!


RB1 and the trip to the postbox.

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RB1 have been looking at the work of Julia Donaldson. As part of their lessons they have picked their favourite books out of her collection. Once they chose their favourite books they stuck them in an envelope and skipped excitedly to the postbox to tell Julia Donaldson what books they chose. Well done RB1. Great work!

RB1 and The Smartest Giant.

RB1 have been learning all about Julia Donaldson and the amazing books that she has written. They have been choosing adjectives to describe the title character of The Smartest GIANT in Town and they managed to come up with some amazing adjectives!!! The kids have done us proud!

Curry club in the base.

On Friday, our chef James came into the base to teach the children how to cook one of his famous curries. He asked the children to slice vegetables and test the delicious flavours that were thrown into the pot. Children and adults alike enjoyed the curry and even wanted seconds. Thankfully, the children will be cooking different exciting flavours of naan bread next week.

In Fabian’s words after finishing every last morsel…

“Ahh, that hit the spot!”

RB2 and the rocket.

RB2 did some exciting science today. We filled some bottles with water and connected them to a bike pump. We then pumped the bottle with air and watched as the bottles flew into the sky. The children predicted whether the bottles needed more or less water to fly… it turns out that the less water there is, the higher the flight…and high it certainly went.

Thinking ahead at Think tank.

The base went on a school trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham. Everybody was extremely excited, some more than others as they had never been to the Think Tank before. Oscar, our resident Think Tank expert helpfully explained some of the exciting things they would encounter. Once we arrived, a helpful member of the staff told us how to be safe in the event of an emergency. Then we were left to explore…

We learned explored some very exciting and very important topics such as recycling, the human body, electricity and history.

The entire class took part in a science experiment in which we made some gooey hair gel and watched the resident scientist cause some small, yet fun explosions.

Everybody had a brilliant day and we are all looking forward to our next trip already!