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District representatives

On saturday 15th October a few of our year 5&6 boys footballers went for district trials. The district is a massive platform for players to play at a very high standard and get recognised by professional football clubs from across the region. In order to get in the boys had to take part in a number of matches and drills to show and express their skills, once the day was over only the best players were selected to represent the district. Players were chosen from a range of different schools and areas, two of our boys were selected to represent the district which is a massive achievement for them both. Well done boys!img_3417

Year 5&6 Boys Football team – Unbeaten start!

On the 6th October we played our first year 5&6 boys football matches. We are entered into a league which contains 6 teams including ourselves, those teams are; Billesley primary school, St Martin DePorres, Kings Heath, Highters Heath Primary School, The Oaks and St Bernards. We played two matches, a match against Kings Heath and the other against St Martins. We kicked off first playing Kings Heath who we knew would be difficult to break down as  they show a lot of commitment, desire and have very talented players. We started off really well, putting them under pressure and forcing them back towards their own goal, we played some Inspiring football and created  excellent opportunities for ourselves but couldnt find that killer pass or shot.  Just before half time we deservingly broke the deadlock, a neat one two and a brilliant through ball saw our striker slot the ball home to put us one nil in front.  After half time Kings Heath came out strong, hitting the post early on before creating another chance which was saved superbly by our goalkeeper to keep the score in our favour. We then started to pass the ball around again and before the full time whistle we managed to score again, meaning the full time score was Billesley 2 – 0 Kings Heath. We then played against St Martin De Porres who in a previous tournament a few weeks before beat us 2-1 so we knew we had a tough match on our hands. The guys took confidence from the last game into this one and dominated from the start, we passed and created chances with ease! Our defenders were brilliant keeping us solid which allowed our midfielders to create chance after chance for our strikers who didn’t disappoint. We scored 4 fantastic goals and limited St Martins to only 2 shots at goal, the final score was Billesley 4 – 0 St Martins. Also a special mention to our goalkeeper who scored in that game from his own goal area, was it a fluke? Or was it intentional? Only he knows the answer to that! On the whole though the guys were brilliant yet again, never failing to entertain, well done guys! Great start. img_3415

Year 5&6 basketball competition

Thursday 6th October saw us enter into our first basketball competition of the year. There were 7 teams in total so we were split into two groups, group A and group B. Our group consisted of 3 teams, the winners would play the winner from the other group in the final and both second placed teams would play for the bronze medal (3rd/4th playoff match). There were some fierce competition on the day and some very dominant teams, we played really well and represented the school so well. we managed to win and lose a game which meant we qualified in 2nd place, therefore we would play for the bronze medal. We came up against a very good St Martin De porres side who were very well organised and talented to say the least. We scored a basket putting us 2 points ahead but back came St Martins who scored 3 baskets in quick succession. We managed to fight back and score another basket closing the gap but unfortunately time ran out meaning we lost and finished 4th overall. Nevertheless it was a fantastic effort from everyone involved and just missing out on the bronze medal was a brilliant achievement for our first basketball competition. Well done guys, great effort!img_3404 img_3405 img_3406

New year 5 play leaders

Today some of our year 5 students were chosen to partake in some play leader training. The role of a play leader is to help other children at lunchtimes get involved in sports and make new friendships around school. Their job as a play leader is to organise games for children of all ages to take part in and enjoy, the reason these students were chosen was because they are a positive, enthusiastic individual around school who enjoy sport immensely. These students are excellent role models around school and hope to ‘create’  positive attitudes towards health, fitness and sports. They also hope to ‘inspire’ many young children to participate more within sports and help them ‘achieve’ a healthier and active lifestyle which will hopefully carry through with them into adulthood. img_33771 img_33811 img_33871img_33821   img_33851 img_33951img_33891

Year 3&4 Football School Games Winners!

On Tuesday 27th October we played our first year 3&4 football tournament of the year. There were 6 other schools including ourselves that were competing for the right to represent South Birmingham at the School Games Finals in February next year. Last year we entered the same competition and finished first so we had the chance to represent South Birmingham at the finals, we managed to finish second at the finals meaning we were the second best year 3&4 football team across the whole of Birmingham, so as you can imagine it was a massive ask to try and replicate what we did last year. We have a lot of great talent this year in years 3&4 so it was a hard choice to choose players to represent our school, the children that did though were second to none! Their attitude and representation of the school was fantastic, we played five games overall conceding only 2 goals and scoring 15. We managed to win 4 games and draw 1 which meant it was a nervous wait, waiting for the final results to come in. After playing some very tough matches and some brilliant football the results were in… 3rd place, Colmore Juniors! 2nd place, St Martin De Porres! 1st place……. BILLESLEY!! We only went and won the tournament for a second year running! The children were ecstatic and jumped for joy when the results were announced. This means we will again represent South Birmingham at the School games finals in February and compete against the best schools around Birmingham! Bring it on, we cant wait!! Fantastic achievement, well done guys.

Warming up, ready to start.
Warming up, ready to start.




Year 5&6 Boys Football Tournament!

Our second competition of the 2016/17 year saw our year 5&6 boys football team compete against 10 other schools from around the borough. Because of the volume of teams we were split into two groups, group A and group B. We were put into group B and the winner from our group would play the winner from group A and the two second placed teams from each group would play for 3rd and 4th. We started off really well, playing some really nice football limiting the opposition too hardly, if any shots on goal. Unfortunately a lapse in concentration saw us concede two goals which put us on the back foot, we managed to get a goal back but it wasn’t enough. Our second and third game we started strong, shocking the opposition into how well we can actually play. We worked hard for each other, encouraged each other and played some INSPIRING and CREATIVE football! Because of this we won both matches (3 nil and 2 nil) which meant we finished second within our group. We went into the bronze medal match with lots of confidence, it really showed and proved to be vital, we managed to get an early goal which settled our nerves. We went on to win the match 4-0 meaning we finished 3rd overall. A great ACHIEVEMENT for the lads and we expect many more victories and medals to follow over the year.

Girls 5&6 Football Tournament


We kicked off our 2016/17 competition calendar with the year 5&6 girls football team, they competed against 4 other schools and did our school very proud. This was the first competition of the year and the first time the girls had played together within a competitive environment. They played so well and scored some amazing goals! We ended up finishing second losing our last match to just miss out on first place, nevertheless the girls did us all here at Billesley proud, finishing second and getting us off to a great start.
img_3344 img_3341

PE and Sport 2016!

This year has been a massive success we feel for our PE and Sport sector. We have achieved the School Games Silver mark, we have competed in many more competitions, we have WON many more competitions and our children have learnt and progressed so much this year, this is evident within their core task assessments and performances at competitions. The calendar below shows the great success we have had this year within competitions, placing within the top 3 in many tournaments and earning ourselves bronze silver and gold medals in 11 competitions!!

Competition Calendar 2015-16

Competition Date Result
Hockey 7th October 2015 4th out of 4
Bronze Ambassador training 14th October 2015 N/A
Boys football match vs Kings Heath boys 14th October 2015 Won 5-1
Boys football match vs St Martins 16th October 2015 Won 4 – 3 
Boys football match vs St Ambrose 16th October 2015 Drew 1 -1
Basketball competition 19th October 2015 4th out of 7
Boys football match vs Hollywood 23rd October 2015 Won 4 – 0
Mixed Gymnastics competition 18th November 2015 4th out of 6
Bronze Ambassador training 8th December 2015 N/A
Year 3&4 Sports hall Athletics 18th January 2016 2nd out of 10
Year 5&6 Sports hall Athletics 18th January 2016 2nd out of 10
Birmingham school games Finals. Year 3&4 mixed football 9th February 2016 2nd out of 12
Bronze Ambassador training 9th Match 2016 N/A
Year 5&6 Girls football competition 10th March 2016 2nd out of 4
Boys football match vs Colmore juniors 28th April 2016 Lost 2 nil
Bronze Ambassador training 28th April 2016 N/A
Year 5& 6 Mixed football competition (B team) 3rd May 2016 3rd out of 6
B Team Boys football match vs St Martins 13th May 2016 Lost 1 nil
B Team Boys football match vs Wheelers lane 13th May 2016 Lost 4 – 1
Tag rugby competition  23rd May 2016  2nd out of 6 
Netball competition


25th May 2016 4th out of 5
Year 5 mixed cricket competition


26th May 2016 3rd out of 8


Year 3&4 Tennis


14th June 2016 4th out of 8
3&4 Athletics (B Team)


27th June 2016 2nd out of 4
Bronze Ambassador training 29th June 2016 N/A



Year 3 had the amazing opportunity to get trained by an Aston Villa coach! They had a fantastic morning and cant wait for next time! ‘We had a brilliant time and were really excited about showing off our skills!’

Also the Aston Villa coach scouted one of our brilliant young footballers, Charlie!!! who will now go on trial at Aston Villa in the up coming season! Outstanding achievement – well done Charlie!  

IMG_0369IMG_0142   IMG_0143 IMG_0144IMG_0148IMG_0145

IMG_0150IMG_0151 IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0365 IMG_0366IMG_0368

Year 3 and 4 outdoor Athletics

On the 27th June we took part in our second athletics competition of the year, our previous competition saw us  finish second so we had a lot to live up to this time around. There were 4 events the children had to take part in, they were 50m sprint, 400 meters, long jump and the javelin throw. Each team had 4 girls and  4 boys and they competed against their own gender, each child was given a score after each event and all the children’s scores were added together at the end to give our team a combined total. The events were really tough and pushed the children to their maximum, thankfully our children had practiced for a few weeks before so they knew what to expect! Each and every child won an event which was amazing and after all our scores were added up we finished in second position again! Another medal finish, this seems to be the norm for our sports stars now. The children were so proud and the smiles on their faces made all their hard work worth it. We are so proud of you all here at Billesley! Well done guys!


IMG_0133[1] IMG_0130[1] IMG_0139[1] IMG_0143[1] IMG_0152[1]