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Developing Communication Through Shredded Paper!

At Billesley Nursery we are always looking for exciting and engaging ways to develop the children’s communication and language skills. The children have expressed a real interest in Christmas and the winter weather conditions. A role play area representing the winter weather conditions was set up and the children role played how they would play in the snow. Miss Trinder was even transformed into a snow women!

Reggie: “More snow.”

Mustafa: “It’s cold.”

Evie: “Look at Miss Trinder, she’s a snowman.”

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Nursery Induction

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The new Nursery children arrived for their induction meeting. The PTA kindly provided lots of yummy refreshments for every one. The children had the opportunity to meet their new teachers and play with lots of fun activities. We can’t wait for September!

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Our boys love to write!

The Nursery boys have a real passion for writing. They particularly enjoy writing when it taps into their interests. Here they are using superheroes as a stimulus for their writing and loved describing them!



Growing & eating our strawberries





Nursery have been learning about how to grow and care for plants. They decided they wanted to grow some strawberries and made sure they remembered to water them each day. Nursery were very excited once the strawberries turned red and enjoyed picking them and eating them!



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Health week


Nursery have been been looking at lots of different healthy foods.They tried a variety of fruits and carried out lots of physical activity.