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Exciting new technology being used in and around the classroom to enhance learning.

Year Four: We are Software Developers

Year four have had a difficult challenge in Computing today… Mrs James set the pupils a near impossible challenge in Scratch!

They had to create an animation where there were:

  • Two characters (Sprites)
  • A background
  • Movement from both sprites
  • One Sprite asks a question and the other answers

Extra Challenge: 1: A Full conversation between the characters

Extra Challenge 2: A full conversation between two characters and a change of location (background) and/or colour

After the pupils has created their own animations they evaluated each other’s! They were all very impressive and a lot of fun!

Mrs James thought she could stop us… no chance! dscn01511

Working together we were able to really ‘bounce’ our ideas off of each other to create the best final animation!


Assessing and evaluating each other’s work was nearly as much fun as creating our own animations!

Year One: We are Treasure Hunters!

Year One have been on a mission to find treasure this morning!

Our amazing treasure maps! Can you spot the waterfall?
How would you avoid the thick forest of trees?

Each class had three treasure maps , which they had to add two more obstacles for the beep bots to maneuver around. The more obstacles the more algorithms the pupils had to input. The last class, who were 1A, had the most obstacles to work as a team to maneuver the beep bot around. The pupils had to really work as a team to find the treasure without landing in the lake, crashing into the mountains or getting lost in the woods! dscn01411

Year Four: We are Software Developers

This afternoon year four have been experimenting with a simple interface and bringing to life a sprite. Working with our partners, who they have created their games with, the children spent time animating and bringing to life a character. Some of us managed to even get our cat sprite to speak; walk, dance and change colour!dscn0130 dscn0128 dscn0127 dscn0126 dscn0125 dscn0124 dscn0123

Year Five: We are Cryptograghers

Year Five have been continuing their ‘cryptographing’ with Mrs James this week.  Exploring the frequency of which certain letters are used in our writing and using this to help us to crack different secret codes. Mrs James even gave us a Cipher code where we had to crack it in pairs to find out what our next task was…many of us were scratching our heads! There were prizes for the first children to come with the code completed.dscn00831 dscn00821 dscn00791

Year Two: We are Games Testers

This morning in ICT; year Two continued their exciting challenge of testing different games! We looked at an old game, which we think that even some of our parents and even Grandparents might have played… Pong! We thought it looked like real fun! We discussed the algorithms, which would be needed to play the game and we were quick to spot that they were simple and precise- only up or down! The paddles were difficult to maneuver at first, but the more practice we had the quicker we were to score 11! We tried to think of ways in which we could even improve the classic game!dscn00851 dscn00921 dscn00901 dscn00861 dscn00891 dscn00881 This was definitely a hit with all of us! Even Mrs James couldn’t help but have a go!!

Year 3: We are programmers

This Week In ICT, Year three began to plan out their exciting animations!

We used a simple idea and created a story board, which we related to algorithms to plan our ideas. A story board is a broken down set of instructions for a story in a similar  way that algorithms are a simple broken down set of instructions for a computer.dscn00631 dscn0056 dscn0060 dscn0061 dscn0062dscn0058

Year Six: We are App planners

Year six have been set quite a difficult challenge in ICT this year… to design and create a brand new App! We have spent time discussing how Apps, which are available, can help us in our everyday lives. We even moved on to a mature discussion about real life problems that we might encounter every day and how an app could possibly help them! Some of our ideas included; ‘annoying siblings’, wanting food that is hot and finding a Halal restaurant without too much hassle! Watch this space!
dscn0051 dscn0050