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Year 5’s Trip to Birmingham

How has Birmingham had an impact on the world?

On Friday 18th November, Year 5 visited Birmingham City Centre to learn more about Matthew Boulton and the Industrial Revolution.img_2323 

After an exciting trip on the train, we arrived at Snow Hill Station at 9:45am not far from where Matthew Boulton grew up.img_2327

Then we walked to Broad Street where we located the statue of Boulton, Watts and Murdoch. img_2333

Here we did observational drawings of the statue into our sketchbooks and we gathered facts about the inventors. It was very sunny!!img_2329

Then we headed back to New Street where we stopped for lunch at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  img_2335

Finally, we explored BMAG and enjoyed tours around their Birmingham People and Places exhibition and Birmingham History exhibition. We learned about how Birmingham has changed over the years including details about the Industrial Revolution. img_2347 img_2366 img_2382

After all of that we made our way back to Snow Hill station where we got a train back to Yardley Wood. Wow…. what a day!


Year 5 Space explorations using Google Expeditions!

Imagine exploring Space in an afternoon. Seeing the inside of the International Space Station and viewing the Milky Way up close. Well today, Year 5 had the chance to do just that, by going on a virtual reality Google Expedition!

Using the google cardboard glasses, pupils were taken on an exciting, virtual tour of  The Universe, where they were able to explore the surface of the moon, the Apollo landing and view Earth from Space – without having to leave the school building!

Pupils gasped in amazement as they witnessed the stars within touch distance and were able to move, and explore the unfamiliar landscape of the Moon, by simply moving their heads from side to side.

img_1218 img_1222 img_1223

Feeling inspired, after their virtual tour of The Universe, pupils then returned to classrooms to invent and create their very own space transportation vehicles, using collage.

Here are just a few of their designs…

img_2189 img_2191 img_2193 img_2195

Shakespeare Day!

We had an excellent day last Friday celebrating one of the most famous writers in English history  – William Shakespeare!


In the morning, the ‘Shakespeare Experts’ from Year 5 came and visited each class to help them learn about the immortal Bard. With their help and the amazing documentary they made (which if you haven’t seen – go to YouTube!) children from Nursery to Year 6 found out all about his life, his work, and why we still remember him.

We also learned what an idiom was – a phrase with a meaning that is not directly related to the individual words – and did some work on them.

IMG_0306 IMG_0309

What have you learned about the Bard of Avon?

IMG_0323 IMG_0339

IMG_0349 IMG_0351

Our fantastic Year 5 helpers in action!

Then, after break, each class had fun exploring an active introduction to a play.  They learned the story in a very quick (and very exciting) hour and had to think on their feet whilst showing off their drama skills.


IMG_0386 IMG_0362

In the afternoon, year groups could show off what they had learned and be creative with their own Shakespeare art projects! Have a look –

IMG_0360 IMG_0413

IMG_0420 IMG_0409IMG_0429

Let’s Celebrate Vaisakhi!

Musical theatre comes to Billesley in the form of Year 5’s assembly!


We have been learning about the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi (the Sikh new year) which is celebrated all over the world this month.

Guru Nanak, who began his teachings around the year 1500, believed in the importance of justice, equality and fellowship. Vaisakhi started when the tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh attended a local harvest festival in 1699. He came out of a tent carrying a sword and requested that anyone prepared to give his life for his religion come forward. A young Sikh came forward and disappeared into the tent with the Guru. Then the Guru reappeared alone with his sword covered in blood and asked for another volunteer. This was repeated another four times until a total of five Sikhs had gone into the tent with him. Everyone present was very worried until eventually all five emerged from the tent alive, with Guru Gobind Singh, and wearing turbans. The five became known as the Panj Piare, or ‘Beloved Five’.


In our assembly we sang songs, acted out scenes, discussed the facts and danced to honor this important religious event.


Happy Vaisakhi!

Decades Day

Welcome to the Rock’n’roll Fifties, Swinging Sixties, Groovy Seventies and Electric Eighties. 

This was Decades Day!


IMG-20160304-WA0000 (1)

Year 5 had so much  fun learning about the world after World War Two. Starting with the 50’s then moving through each decade, we looked at what society was like, how people dressed, what music they listened to, what movies they enjoyed, who was iconic at the time and important events that happened over the era.

To begin the day we dressed up like one of the eras –

006 005 009


We then listened to some awesome music –

 015     027

Some of the our favourite things that we learned were:

“I learned that Priscilla Presley was married to Elvis!” – Priscilla, 5W

“I learned that in 60’s girls wore short dresses called mini skirts.” – Maddie, 5W

“In the 80’s John Lennon was shot in New York. He was a member of the Beatles” – Mya, 5Z

“In the 70’s David Bowie was famous”  – Hawwa, 5W

“In the 70’s they wore huge flares!” – Chanie, 5Z

Finally we learned some iconic dance moves from each decade, including; the moonwalk, the swim, the hand jive and the boogie. All of this resulted in a whole class dance of Kenny Loggins ‘Footloose’.



We had SO many questions by the end of the day so or our homework we had to research our favourite decade.


The United Nations of Billesley

The United Nations is a world organisation that started in 1945 to deal with the aftermath of World War Two. There were many difficult decisions that needed to be made in the wake of the Hitler’s War.


To understand this, Year 5 became U.N. Delegates from its first 50 founding countries and debated in classes the problems that faced the world.


20160223_145954 20160223_145958

The children rose to this challenge and we are of the opinion that some of them could become politicians one day!

We talked about things like –
– What shall we do with Germany?
– Where shall we put the Prisoners of War?
– What shall we do about food shortages?
– How can we stop this from happening again?

After a hearty debate, we looked the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and how we all have the right to be free from discrimination.


Writing on display at Yardley Wood Library

Head down to Yardley Wood Library to check out the new Billesley Primary School writing display where you can  read some of the Anne Frank recounts and poems Year 5 have been busy writing this term.

Library opening times:

9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12.30pm –  6.30pm
9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
Sunday Closed


034 035 036 038 056

Year 5 visit the Buddhist Centre

How much do you know about Buddhism?

Well, Year 5 now know a great deal after visiting a local Buddhist Centre to find out more about this fascinating faith.


During our visit we got to learn all about the story of the Buddha and how and when the Buddhist faith first began.

We learnt about how Buddhist lead their lives and were able to ask question about what it means to be a Buddhist.

022 020 029

We even were taught how to meditate which was extremely relaxing.

We will definitely be trying that again!

030 027 031