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Year 5&6 Football League Winners!

Our year 5&6 boys have become the first team to win the football Premier League Division in the history of Billesley Primary School! We won our area league from September-November which qualified us to play in the Premier League Division. Since January up until June we have been competing against some very tough schools who also won their area league so the standard was exceptionally high for school level football. The league was very tight with 3 schools that could potentially win the league if they won their last game, results went our way which meant if we beat Holy Souls in our last match we would be crowned champions!

We got off to a nervous start due to the importance of the match, after 10 minutes we began to get into our stride passing the ball around nicely and creating excellent opportunities to score. We hit the crossbar and was dominating the match when we got hit on the counter attack which lead to a  corner being taken quickly, Holy Souls capitalised and scored from making it 1-0. We lifted ourselves back up and again started dominating, we managed to get a goal back before half time which set us up for a nervy second half. Both teams came out strong with Holy Souls having the better of the play hitting the post and creating ample opportunities to take the lead. We started to fight back and dictate the play again and with a few minutes to go we scored making in 2-1, a league winning result if it stayed that way. They guys were awesome, Mr Deakin on the side was a  nervous wreck whilst the lads were cool, calm and collective. The final whistle went meaning we were CHAMPIONS for the very first time, words cannot describe how proud we are of the boys at Billesley for achievement such fantastic success. Well done guys, very well deserved!

Premier League Division Champions
Premier League Division Champions



South Birmingham Football District representatives.

For a second year running some of our amazing footballers have managed to qualify to play and represent South Birmingham district for the upcoming 2017/18 season. This year we had two boys representing the district, they had great success winning many county trophies and making it to the finals of the national championships. Unfortunately they lost to Middlesbrough in the final which would of allowed them to represent England at the New York games in the summer. This year we will have 5 boys representing both the district A and B team’s respectively. Great achievement, well done guys!

Our South Birmingham District representatives.
Our South Birmingham District representatives.

Base trip to Clent Hills.


This term, as part of our mountains topic the Base took a trip to Clent Hills. The children had a choice of the simple walk up the hill or the adventure trail to get to the top. The children chose the adventure trail.

There were balance beams,


Stepping stones,


Limbo bars,


and tall ladders.


Once we had walked through the adventure trail we found ourselves in a wide open space with beautiful views that everybody could appreciate.


After a long walk, everybody was feeling tired and hungry so we decided it was time for lunch so we found a perfect spot where everybody could relax.


After we had some food we decided to have a bit of fun so we did some hill rolling and exploring.


We even took the time to look out into the distance and rest for a while with Henry, our PAT dog.


We had a very long day with lots of adventures but we were very tired. It was time to take a slow walk back to the cars and drive back to school.