Year 5 Space explorations using Google Expeditions!

Imagine exploring Space in an afternoon. Seeing the inside of the International Space Station and viewing the Milky Way up close. Well today, Year 5 had the chance to do just that, by going on a virtual reality Google Expedition!

Using the google cardboard glasses, pupils were taken on an exciting, virtual tour of ┬áThe Universe, where they were able to explore the surface of the moon, the Apollo landing and view Earth from Space – without having to leave the school building!

Pupils gasped in amazement as they witnessed the stars within touch distance and were able to move, and explore the unfamiliar landscape of the Moon, by simply moving their heads from side to side.

img_1218 img_1222 img_1223

Feeling inspired, after their virtual tour of The Universe, pupils then returned to classrooms to invent and create their very own space transportation vehicles, using collage.

Here are just a few of their designs…

img_2189 img_2191 img_2193 img_2195