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Google Expeditions!

We had an amazing morning with Google Expeditions! We used Google Cardboard glasses that have a device inserted inside. When you wear the glasses you are able to experience virtual reality and go to places you may never be able to in real life. First we took a tour of Greece, which we will be learning about this term. Next we dove underwater and swam with sharks. Finally we explored an active volcano! The children had an incredible time and were truly amazed at what they saw.

Here’s a great animation. Are you dizzy yet?


Year 4 Google Expedition

Year 4 got up close and personal with volcanoes today! We used Google Cardboard to explore different volcanoes and their surroundings. We identified physical features, volcanic activity and the after effects.  It was amazing.


“Awesome! I’m falling” Year 4 boy.

“Agghhh! Look at that” Year 4 girl.

“It feels like I’m there!” Year 4 pupil.

This inspired us to create our own volcanic art work.


We also heard all about a real volcano from a primary source in school, who witnessed an active volcano in Greece.


What a fantastic day!

Year 2 have gone chocolate crazy!!!!

This term year two have been learning all about Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Image result for chocolate

We have been to Cadbury’s factory and got to taste all the delicious bars of chocolate they make.

Image result for cadbury factory

Now we are becoming chocolatiers, yes you heard it right. We are making our own chocolate bars. Coming to a playground near you. However, these are special bars, because they are healthy and of course tasty.

Image result for raisins and dried fruit

Next Friday we will be creating some of our inventions. It is going to be incredible.

Billesley’s Marvellous Creations! Friday 21st of October!


Year 3 visit Rome!

We are so excited because Google Expeditions came to visit! It was epic putting on the goggles, exploring the Colosseum, going inside the Pantheon and touring round the ancient market.
Oooo’s and Aaaaah’s rippled across the school as the children gasped with amusement. img_0654img_0650


Reception have been having a “crash”, “bang” crime fighting good time in our new superhero den! We dressed up in our capes and masks and set off an adventure to help save everyone! We were able to use our imagination to create different role play situations.img_1470img_1481 img_1479img_1469 img_1465 img_1484.

Year 1 Walk around Billesley!


Year One went on an exciting adventure around Billesley to learn about the local area and the different types of buildings. We spotted lots of different types of accommodation such as semi-detached, detached, terraced houses, flats, bungalows and EVEN caravans!

It was a fun filled afternoon and we all went home to find out what type of house we lived in! Yay! 🙂

20160921_14101920160921_143428    20160921_143243 20160921_140530

Year Four: We are Software Developers

This afternoon year four have been experimenting with a simple interface and bringing to life a sprite. Working with our partners, who they have created their games with, the children spent time animating and bringing to life a character. Some of us managed to even get our cat sprite to speak; walk, dance and change colour!dscn0130 dscn0128 dscn0127 dscn0126 dscn0125 dscn0124 dscn0123