New year 5 play leaders

Today some of our year 5 students were chosen to partake in some play leader training. The role of a play leader is to help other children at lunchtimes get involved in sports and make new friendships around school. Their job as a play leader is to organise games for children of all ages to take part in and enjoy, the reason these students were chosen was because they are a positive, enthusiastic individual around school who enjoy sport immensely. These students are excellent role models around school and hope to ‘create’  positive attitudes towards health, fitness and sports. They also hope to ‘inspire’ many young children to participate more within sports and help them ‘achieve’ a healthier and active lifestyle which will hopefully carry through with them into adulthood. img_33771 img_33811 img_33871img_33821   img_33851 img_33951img_33891