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New year 5 play leaders

Today some of our year 5 students were chosen to partake in some play leader training. The role of a play leader is to help other children at lunchtimes get involved in sports and make new friendships around school. Their job as a play leader is to organise games for children of all ages to take part in and enjoy, the reason these students were chosen was because they are a positive, enthusiastic individual around school who enjoy sport immensely. These students are excellent role models around school and hope to ‘create’  positive attitudes towards health, fitness and sports. They also hope to ‘inspire’ many young children to participate more within sports and help them ‘achieve’ a healthier and active lifestyle which will hopefully carry through with them into adulthood. img_33771 img_33811 img_33871img_33821   img_33851 img_33951img_33891

Year 3&4 Football School Games Winners!

On Tuesday 27th October we played our first year 3&4 football tournament of the year. There were 6 other schools including ourselves that were competing for the right to represent South Birmingham at the School Games Finals in February next year. Last year we entered the same competition and finished first so we had the chance to represent South Birmingham at the finals, we managed to finish second at the finals meaning we were the second best year 3&4 football team across the whole of Birmingham, so as you can imagine it was a massive ask to try and replicate what we did last year. We have a lot of great talent this year in years 3&4 so it was a hard choice to choose players to represent our school, the children that did though were second to none! Their attitude and representation of the school was fantastic, we played five games overall conceding only 2 goals and scoring 15. We managed to win 4 games and draw 1 which meant it was a nervous wait, waiting for the final results to come in. After playing some very tough matches and some brilliant football the results were in… 3rd place, Colmore Juniors! 2nd place, St Martin De Porres! 1st place……. BILLESLEY!! We only went and won the tournament for a second year running! The children were ecstatic and jumped for joy when the results were announced. This means we will again represent South Birmingham at the School games finals in February and compete against the best schools around Birmingham! Bring it on, we cant wait!! Fantastic achievement, well done guys.

Warming up, ready to start.
Warming up, ready to start.




Year 5&6 Boys Football Tournament!

Our second competition of the 2016/17 year saw our year 5&6 boys football team compete against 10 other schools from around the borough. Because of the volume of teams we were split into two groups, group A and group B. We were put into group B and the winner from our group would play the winner from group A and the two second placed teams from each group would play for 3rd and 4th. We started off really well, playing some really nice football limiting the opposition too hardly, if any shots on goal. Unfortunately a lapse in concentration saw us concede two goals which put us on the back foot, we managed to get a goal back but it wasn’t enough. Our second and third game we started strong, shocking the opposition into how well we can actually play. We worked hard for each other, encouraged each other and played some INSPIRING and CREATIVE football! Because of this we won both matches (3 nil and 2 nil) which meant we finished second within our group. We went into the bronze medal match with lots of confidence, it really showed and proved to be vital, we managed to get an early goal which settled our nerves. We went on to win the match 4-0 meaning we finished 3rd overall. A great ACHIEVEMENT for the lads and we expect many more victories and medals to follow over the year.

Girls 5&6 Football Tournament


We kicked off our 2016/17 competition calendar with the year 5&6 girls football team, they competed against 4 other schools and did our school very proud. This was the first competition of the year and the first time the girls had played together within a competitive environment. They played so well and scored some amazing goals! We ended up finishing second losing our last match to just miss out on first place, nevertheless the girls did us all here at Billesley proud, finishing second and getting us off to a great start.
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