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Year 3 and 4 outdoor Athletics

On the 27th June we took part in our second athletics competition of the year, our previous competition saw us  finish second so we had a lot to live up to this time around. There were 4 events the children had to take part in, they were 50m sprint, 400 meters, long jump and the javelin throw. Each team had 4 girls and  4 boys and they competed against their own gender, each child was given a score after each event and all the children’s scores were added together at the end to give our team a combined total. The events were really tough and pushed the children to their maximum, thankfully our children had practiced for a few weeks before so they knew what to expect! Each and every child won an event which was amazing and after all our scores were added up we finished in second position again! Another medal finish, this seems to be the norm for our sports stars now. The children were so proud and the smiles on their faces made all their hard work worth it. We are so proud of you all here at Billesley! Well done guys!


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Dear Greenpeace…

In year three we have been writing formal letters explaining why animals could not possibly live in Trittiford Mill Pool! Today we had to think of at least three reasons why a certain animal could not live there and report back to the rest of the class using; fronted adverbials, extended noun phrases, multi clause sentences including conjunctions and even modifiers! A few of the animals included a camel, giraffe, chicken and kangaroo! image image image image imageSome of our animals and reasons were extremely interesting!

Year 3 and 4 Tennis Competition

We had our first tennis competition of the year on 14th June. The children were really excitied to get playing and practiced their socks off almost every lunchtime to make sure they were ready and prepared for their matches. Each child had 3 matches and their combined total for winning, drawing or losing was added together to give our team an overall score. Highest scoring teams then progressed to the Gold/silver match or the bronze match. We scored enough points to qualify for the bronze match, the 3rd and fourth playoff match! The children were really excitied about how far they had progressed within the tournament and played really well, not one of them could be faulted in any way shape or form. They did us all here proud at Billesley, they just missed out on the bronze medal losing their last matches and finishing fourth overall out of 8. Well done guys, great effort!

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Year three’s brilliant Botanical Gardens adventure!

botanical gardens 071 botanical gardens 116 botanical gardens 047 botanical gardens 150last week year there visited the amazing Botanical gardens as part of our science and topic work! We were extremely lucky with the weather and the wonderful time that we had! We learnt all about the rainforests and the different layers as well as the different uses that we have found for what we might find there! Then we were given the awesome opportunity to handle some Rainforsest animals! Finally we were challenged by our teachers, after visiting the humid rainforest plants, to go orienteering around the grounds! We are still. It sure who wore themselves out more: us or our teachers?!

Shakespeare Day!

We had an excellent day last Friday celebrating one of the most famous writers in English history  – William Shakespeare!


In the morning, the ‘Shakespeare Experts’ from Year 5 came and visited each class to help them learn about the immortal Bard. With their help and the amazing documentary they made (which if you haven’t seen – go to YouTube!) children from Nursery to Year 6 found out all about his life, his work, and why we still remember him.

We also learned what an idiom was – a phrase with a meaning that is not directly related to the individual words – and did some work on them.

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What have you learned about the Bard of Avon?

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Our fantastic Year 5 helpers in action!

Then, after break, each class had fun exploring an active introduction to a play.  They learned the story in a very quick (and very exciting) hour and had to think on their feet whilst showing off their drama skills.


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In the afternoon, year groups could show off what they had learned and be creative with their own Shakespeare art projects! Have a look –

IMG_0360 IMG_0413

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