Alien Bee 2016

alien one

On Friday 6th May, Billesley Primary held its very first Alien Bee competition – and what a roaring success it was!

An Alien Bee is a bit like a Spelling Bee, but instead of spelling the words, the children have to read them. However that’s not the hard part!  All of the words in the Alien Bee are alien words, which means they are not real, sensible words; rather, they are complete and utter nonsense words – all made up using the different sounds that the children practice everyday in their phonics lessons. The job of an alien word, is to find out if the children know their sounds and can use them confidently.

Throughout the previous week, each class held a competition to find their class-champion- alien- word-reader, culminating in the grand final in front of  friends and family on Friday afternoon.  The stage was set……

alien 3

Each class finalist competed against the other finalists from their year group, each taking turns to read  alien words, until they got one wrong.  The competition carried on until only one person was left standing in each year group.


Oh it was a tense and exciting affair! Nails were bitten and breath was held. Audible gasps and spontaneous applause echoed, until only three brave warriors were left, holding their small but perfectly formed trophies aloft.

Our congratulations to our three champions and all our finalists; you embodied the Billesley spirit  perfectly – confident, able, courageous and above all, fantastic role-models to your peers.  We are very proud of you all. Three cheers!

Mr Hudson