Sailing, sailing, over the ocean blue …

Today we continued with the preparation for our big show. We went through each part and put sections of the show together. Each group had to listen carefully to when their part was coming up. We also practised our song and the actions to go with it.

Here is a sneak preview of our show …

Lubna said “In our show I look at the stars with a telescope”

Isabella told me that she sings a song all about jobs the crew do on board the Santa Maria.


After practicing our show we worked with Denise on our log books. We added more things to the inside and continued to write about what we had done this week in our sessions. Some children also created an ink print.








Dominic explained what his log book was all about.

image“I’m going to Africa to see the cheetahs and alligators. I made a compass so I can travel east, west, north or south”







Here is Mehrunisa explaining her ink print.