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Year One are discovering America!

Over the next 5 weeks Year 1 will be working with Stans cafe. Stans cafe are leading a drama and dance project all about the ‘discovery of America’.

This week was our first session where we spent some time with Craig and Becky.  The hall was laid out like Christipher Columbus’ ship.  We had to role play life on board the Santa Maria. We acted out different jobs that the crew would have done.  It was hard work!

image image


We can’t wait to find out what we will be learning next week!


Library Visit: Part 2!

This week Year 4 returned to visit Yardley Wood Library!

IMG_9092 (1)

IMG_9093 IMG_9094

Once we arrived, we had a lovely story read to us by the Librarian about a little boy whose younger brother who was really an alien!

As we looked around, we could see displays on Anne Frank and World War 2… by Billesley Primary School children!

IMG_9095 IMG_9096 IMG_9097 IMG_9098

We chose new books- some of us didn’t have library cards made last time, so we brought our (filled in) application forms with us and got our cards made. Then the hunt was on for the perfect book…



We chose some fantastic books to take home and we knew exactly where to take them to get them signed out.

IMG_9103 IMG_9104

We also found some amazing information books AND story books which were to do with our ANCIENT GREECE topic! Wow! There were Greek Myth story books and a particular favourite… Percy Jackson!

IMG_9105 IMG_9106 IMG_9107 IMG_9101 IMG_9108

The sun shone brightly as we walked back to school joyfully carrying fantastic our new books! We can’t wait to start reading them!


Let’s Celebrate Vaisakhi!

Musical theatre comes to Billesley in the form of Year 5’s assembly!


We have been learning about the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi (the Sikh new year) which is celebrated all over the world this month.

Guru Nanak, who began his teachings around the year 1500, believed in the importance of justice, equality and fellowship. Vaisakhi started when the tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh attended a local harvest festival in 1699. He came out of a tent carrying a sword and requested that anyone prepared to give his life for his religion come forward. A young Sikh came forward and disappeared into the tent with the Guru. Then the Guru reappeared alone with his sword covered in blood and asked for another volunteer. This was repeated another four times until a total of five Sikhs had gone into the tent with him. Everyone present was very worried until eventually all five emerged from the tent alive, with Guru Gobind Singh, and wearing turbans. The five became known as the Panj Piare, or ‘Beloved Five’.


In our assembly we sang songs, acted out scenes, discussed the facts and danced to honor this important religious event.


Happy Vaisakhi!

Girls 4 a side football tournament!

On Thursday 10th March our year 6 girls played in a 4 aside football tounament, there were 3 other teams that took part they were, Wheelers Lane, Holy Souls and Yardley wood. The standard was really high and the girls really enjoyed themselves, we had three tough games but got off to a great start! Firstly we played Holy Souls, we started off really strong going 1 nil up before a lasp in concentration saw Holy Souls Equalise. We then picked up the pace and started to pop the ball around which everyone at the tournament commented on and said how well we kept the ball. In doing so we created lots of chances and managed to win the match 4-1 which was a brilliant start for us. Our second game saw us play Yardley wood, we had to play straight after our first match so the girls were really tired but battled really hard. Yardley Wood created lots of chances but we managed to weather the storm and get our second wind, we again started passing the ball really well which gave us time to rest and make our opposition work for a while, if it wasnt for their keeper we could have won by 4 or 5! Unfortunatley though we didnt manage to score so the match ended in a nil nil draw which we were pleased about giving the circumstances. Our third and final match saw us play Wheelers Lane, we have played Wheelers lane many times before so we knew what they are all about. The game started off fiesty, both teams putting their bodies on the line with tackles flying in everywhere! We went 1 nil up and were playing really well, we then started to fade and fatigue which meant Wheelers lane came back and with the quality they have they punished us. Scoring 4 times in quick succession totally wiped us out but the girls kept fighting until the end and showed amazing character to keep going. Overall we won, lost and drew a match which meant we finished second overall!! The girls were really proud of themselves and so they should be. Another great achievement for our sports teams at Billesley! Well done girls!!!

Year 3 Mosque Trip!

 outside pic of mosqueIMG_0039

To kick start our RE topic to went on a trip to the Central Mosque in Birmingham. We had lots of questions and were very excited.

IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0044 IMG_0052

We were taken to different rooms and shown around the mosque. Our guide Mohammed Islam even demonstrated the Call to Prayer…


We learnt lots of new Arabic words for names of different things in the mosque like the Mu’athin is the person to recites the call to prayer. Umani even shared some prayers she knew…



The Imam stand here and leads the prayer.



We even had a go at a few prayer actions! IMG_0072



We asked about all the clocks in the mosque and found out they were telling us the different times for prayer which changes according to the sun.


At the end of the trip we had a huge quiz about everything we had learnt and the girls won! We absolutely loved our trip to the mosque, it was an amazing morning, we came back buzzing with ideas and excited about starting our topic on Islam.

Photosynthesizing it UP!

3K went out and about to discover photosynthesis (the process of how a plant produces its own food). We looked at plant leaves and discussed the plant cells that  have chlorophyll, where the reaction occurs…

Carbon dioxide + Water —–> Glucose + Oxygen

We created posters on photosynthesis and then discussed the equation and the importance of plants because they produce oxygen.

20160413_151640[1] 20160413_151630[1] 20160413_151652[1]

This led onto a discussion about presenting our equations in the form of a documentary and the children then filmed their equation.

We realised how important it is for us to all know about the biological changes that occur in all living things and how it affect our environment. We decided that the next charity we want to support will go to helping the environment!

20160413_145457[1] 20160413_145630[1]