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Year 3 Parent’s Workshop

This week, year three invited their parents in for a special workshop. The parents were taught by our teachers the importance of; grammar, spelling, reading and phonics.


The parents were introduced to how we are taught handwriting and why it is so important with our progress along with phonics and the amazing effect that it can have on our writing, reading and spelling!


Of course our teachers made our parents work hard too!

Stan’s Cafe – Cams Project

Over the next few days Stan’s cafe are going to be working with year 4 to help us develop our understanding of cams and moving parts. 4M Had a brilliant day on Friday creating their own moving toys with the help of Benny! We learned lots of new things and had so much fun in the process! The rest of year 4 are very excited to have a go a creating their own wonderful toys.

IMG_0006 IMG_0009

We started off by thinking about how things can move. We even had a go at being gears inside a machine!

IMG_0012 IMG_0025 IMG_0033

After that we experimented with gears and cams to see how things move.

IMG_0054IMG_0046 IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0154 IMG_0217

Finally we created our own moving toys using cams and what we had learned.

Billesley’s Got Talent Auditions

We have had an amazing afternoon in year 6. There is so much talent.

Well done to the 10 amazing acts who battled it out to become the year 6 entries for Billesley’s Got talent. 

The winners were!!!!

Abaz and the cheese crew

Cara the impressionist 





Women’s Day in 3M

On Friday 11th March we challenged gender stereo types! Mrs Miller announced that the boys and girls would be having a competition in skipping and football. We all cheered but then she announced that the boys would be skipping and the girls would play football!! This was challenging and great fun!

The boys will skip and the girls will play football!
The boys will skip and the girls will play football!

Girls are better than boys at football!
Girls are better than boys at football!

Then we read Dangerously Ever After about a Princess who liked dangerous activities and objects. We held an enquiry discussing whether it was ever a good thing to give someone something dangerous.

In the afternoon we got creative with lyrics and in groups made up songs. Surprisingly, the girls had to make up a nursery rhyme to rap music and the boys had to come up with a rap to a nursery rhyme backing track!

Our P4C session
Our P4C session

We definitely challenged gender stereo types today.