RB1 and the case of the mysterious tent!

This week the whole school have been trying to solve a mystery that has left everyone baffled. A tent has mysteriously appeared in the tyre park and nobody knows how it got there or who pitched it…


RB1 and RB2 both went out to investigate the tent and its surrounding areas, what we found was interesting. We could hear some snoring from inside the tent and a note left outside.


This led to many, many different theories. Little Tommy B had his own monster theory,


The children had a wander around the area and found what could be some interesting clues, some of the children suggested the authorities would be better trained for this kind of work…


Once the children had a look and had some theories, we returned to our classrooms and discussed what we had found. Some children thought it may be time travelers, some thought monsters but most agreed on aliens.

I guess we’ll find out eventually…