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Where will your boots take you?


The library visit was a spectacular success,  because Year 3 got to explore three magical cupboards into another other world!IMG_1291

IMG_1248IMG_1256IMG_1274IMG_1302IMG_1326 IMG_1322 IMG_1315 IMG_1314

Click on this link to watch the children using the time travelling cupboards …

Library video

Additionally, we took notes of all the things we could hear, smell, touch and see in each of the wardrobes…


And to top it all off, we got the chance to do some extra reading!

IMG_1343 IMG_1342

After a wonderful time, we returned to school with our imaginations fit to burst; bubbling with ideas and ready to make our very own scene in a box!


IMG_0171[1] IMG_0170[1] IMG_0169[1] IMG_0168[1] IMG_0167[1] IMG_0166[1]

The Tent……


On a cold February morning, a strange occurrence occurred…..

As the children of Billesley came to school, they were greeted by the unannounced arrival of a mysterious tent; a tent pitched in the playground no less!  Crowds gathered and questions were asked. Eye-brows were raised and  telephone calls were made. The immediate area was cordoned off and an emergency assembly called……..

From within, sounds of snoring could be heard, suggesting perhaps a weary traveler in need of rest. Indeed a note in the most peculiar handwriting (handwriting  of a time now past) asserted much the same – ‘let me rest‘ – penned in earnest.  The note made reference to acts beyond the imagination – time travel to worlds unknown……

Later evidence of movement, hunger and consciousnesses. A faint whistle drifted through the air and beyond…

The children wrote letters of enquiry to learn much more, and on the following day received their replies.  The  plot thickened….

Such an event inspired much debate and discussion, children eager to give their opinion; keen to postulate the existence of a person or persons unknown.

Mr Hudson – English Leader.

Writing on display at Yardley Wood Library

Head down to Yardley Wood Library to check out the new Billesley Primary School writing display where you can  read some of the Anne Frank recounts and poems Year 5 have been busy writing this term.

Library opening times:

9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12.30pm –  6.30pm
9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
9am – 1pm
2pm – 5pm
Sunday Closed


034 035 036 038 056

Year 5 visit the Buddhist Centre

How much do you know about Buddhism?

Well, Year 5 now know a great deal after visiting a local Buddhist Centre to find out more about this fascinating faith.


During our visit we got to learn all about the story of the Buddha and how and when the Buddhist faith first began.

We learnt about how Buddhist lead their lives and were able to ask question about what it means to be a Buddhist.

022 020 029

We even were taught how to meditate which was extremely relaxing.

We will definitely be trying that again!

030 027 031

Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

Year 4 had a FANTASTIC Chinese Celebration Day today! There were lots of fantastic activities, excitement, chinese music and smiles all around. We have loved learning about Ancient China in Topic and had waited all week (since the ACTUAL Chinese New Year on Monday!) to celebrate.

So here it is! We’ll let the pictures do all the talking!!!

First off… Our fantastic chinese hats and lanterns for our Morning Parade! Our hats were a choice of an Emperor, a Monkey or a Chinese child. See if you can spot them…

IMG_2083 IMG_2085 IMG_2086 IMG_2088

FullSizeRender (2)

IMG_2091 IMG_2092 IMG_2093 IMG_2094 IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2099

Then we got ready for our Morning Parade! We all lined up as a year group, took hold of our drums and walked around the school grounds. e loved this as we got to shout out ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi to Mrs. Lune and Mrs. Williams- who were mega shocked at how fantastic we looked!


IMG_2102 IMG_2105 IMG_2107 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2110 IMG_2112 IMG_2114

In the afternoon, we had a special visitor from a Martial Arts Academy in Birmingham. He was our ‘Sensei’- our teacher. We talked about the use of martial arts for self-defence as well as for discipline and composure. We were all intrigued by our Sensei as he taught us martial arts moves, body posture and foot work.


IMG_2117 IMG_2122 IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2128 IMG_2130 IMG_2133 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2148 IMG_2150 IMG_2154 IMG_2155 IMG_2158 IMG_2161 IMG_2162

Towards the end of the session, we bowed to our ‘Sensei’, which shows respect and thanks. We also bowed to our partners to show our respect for them!

IMG_2163 IMG_2165 IMG_2166

After returning to our classrooms we began making our fantastic Chinese Dragon puppets using our hand prints while listening to calming chinese music. We made some outstanding, colourful fire-breathing dragons!

IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2169

Alas! It was the end of the day and the start of the half term holidays! We all had a memorable, fun-filled day and look forward to learning more about Ancient China after the half term holidays! 🙂

Year 3&4 School Games Football Finals

On 9th February our year 3&4 5 a-side football team took part in the Brimingham Schools football finals which was played at the Birmingham Indoor Futsal Arena. They had already taken part in a 5-aside tournament and blazed through the group in order to represent South Birmingham at the School games finals. There were 11 schools competiting in total and all representing different areas of birmingham, they had gone through the same process as us winning their previous tournament. At first we seemed a little nervous and apprehensive as we kicked off the first match of the tournamnet, after around 2 minutes of playing though we found our feet and our quality really showed. We went 1, 2, 3, 4 nil up and were crusing, we conceded a goal which dissapointed the team so to make up for our error we scored an extra goal making it 5-1 to Billesley and setting the bar really high for the others. Our second game saw us dominate from the start, we controlled the ball and passed it really well, our defence were brilliant and so solid throughout the whole game it made it comfortable for our ball players to create chance after chance. We manged to win our second game 3 nil although it could have been much more. Our third game saw us play our rivals within the group, whoever won this game would certaily top the group and progress onto the finals as other results went our way. It was a very hard fought match with both teams playing hard but fair, both teams played some great football and created lots of chances, if it wasnt for the goalkeepers at both ends there most certainly would have been a cricket score. Fortunatley for us we managed to score with a minute to go and held out for the victory winning 1 nil and topping the group! With us already topping the group and through to the finals our last match meant we could rotate our team and play players in different positions giving others a rest ready for the final to come. This didnt make a difference at all, we still stuck to the same philosophy, passing the ball, working hard, expressing ourselves and it really showed, we played probably the best football of the tournament and crusied to victory winning 4 nil. So we were the team to beat, winning all our group matches conceding only 1 goal and scoring 13! We went into the final really nervous again which was understandable with such a big crowd watching, the atmosphere was amazing with the typical football ‘Go Onnnnn’ shout being echoed throughout the arena. We played a school from Aston called Sacred Heart who also never lost a game within their group so we knew it would be tough. We got off to a great start going a goal ahead, our nerves settled until a lasp in concentration saw the opposition score 2 goals in quick succession. We then went another goal beind making it 3-1 to Sacred Heart, we had nothing to lose and put the pressure on Sacred Heart and managed to grab a goal back and create many scoring oppourtunities but unfortunatley it wasnt to be and we lost 3-2. The children were so dissapointed to finish second but all of us here at Billesley are so proud of them, their representation of the school, behaviour, attitude, honesty, respect for others, passion and determination to win was flawless! We are the second best Football team in Birmingham which is something to be massively proud of! Well done guys!

IMG_0276[1] IMG_0279[1] IMG_0318[1] IMG_0320[1] IMG_0332[1] IMG_0334[1] IMG_0304[1] IMG_0339[1] IMG_0342[1] IMG_0350[1]

Year 3 visit the mysterious …Time Travelling Tent!!

We came into school today to find a tent in our playground! We were all curious to find out more so we went over for a closer look…


We saw a message outside and heard some strange noises!!!


IMG_2438  IMG_0182   IMG_0184

What could possibly be inside? Why was it here? How long will it be here for? Where will it go next? Who does it belong to?

3K Video

We all wrote letters to whoever was inside to say hello and try to find out more about this mysterious tent…


The following day the tent disappeared and we had a reply from the stranger! It was a letter from the year 2555 in the future so we were right about it being a magical tent that travels through space and time! We were all so excited and have been talking about it since!

RB1 and the case of the mysterious tent!

This week the whole school have been trying to solve a mystery that has left everyone baffled. A tent has mysteriously appeared in the tyre park and nobody knows how it got there or who pitched it…


RB1 and RB2 both went out to investigate the tent and its surrounding areas, what we found was interesting. We could hear some snoring from inside the tent and a note left outside.


This led to many, many different theories. Little Tommy B had his own monster theory,


The children had a wander around the area and found what could be some interesting clues, some of the children suggested the authorities would be better trained for this kind of work…


Once the children had a look and had some theories, we returned to our classrooms and discussed what we had found. Some children thought it may be time travelers, some thought monsters but most agreed on aliens.

I guess we’ll find out eventually…

Year 4 Fantastic Five Footballers!

This morning five of our Fantastic Footballers went with Mr. Deakin and Mr. Foster to the Birmingham Futsal Centre to play in a competition. They really looked the part in their brilliant football uniforms… better than any professional team I have ever seen! We wish them the best of luck today! Good Luck! Make Billesley proud! 🙂


IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1300 IMG_1301


Warrior Wars in RB2

In RB2 we have been writing information texts. We really enjoyed researching and writing about Roman gladiators. Miss Haddleton challenged us to design and write about our own ultimate gladiator to defeat her creation, Victorious the Great.

Below are our entries…



Who do you think will be the champion?