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RAF Cosford

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a….wait, it is a plane! Many planes! It’s RAF Cosford!

20160128_112329Year 5 went on a jaw-dropping trip to an RAF base in Cosford, Wolverhampton on Thursday and couldn’t believe their eyes at the aviation history that lay in front of them. Or topic this term is World War Two and this trip gave us the opportunity to see our own little bit of history.

We saw the Cold War hanger which was filled floor to ceiling with an array of machines that saw action during the war between Russia and the allied countries in the West. Tanks, bigger than anyone could imagine were pitched next to camouflage clad helicopters and jeeps.


After, we wandered through a hanger crammed full of many different types of planes, including a model Spitfire – just like the ones we made in our history lessons.

Walking around these beastly machines made many children wonder how they worked, so it was amazing that we got to visit the Test Flight center and see how the aerodynamics of an airplane help it to soar through the skies.

20160128_131707     20160128_131354

However, the main part of our trip took place inside the World War Two classroom at the base, where we got to get hands on with actual historical artifacts from the war and even try some on! A mock air raid showed us how life might have been like for children during the war and how they may have lived.

We are ready for our lesson Miss!

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“This is the best trip ever!” – Jack, 5w


The Base went to theatre.

This week the Base went on an annual trip to the Hippodrome to watch the pantomime. This year’s panto was Aladdin; starring Marti Pellow, Julian Clary and Lee Mead. The children were all extremely excited to see what would happen to Aladdin and Jasmine. There were boos when the villain of the show came on stage, there were screams when we went on a 3D journey into the scary temple, there were laughs when Wishee Washee told funny jokes and most of all, there were cheers of joy when Aladdin and Jasmine finally got married. The children had an amazing time and are already excited to see Dick Wittington next year.

Year 4 Cathedral Trip


Year 4 had a fantastic time at Birmingham Cathedral yesterday morning. We are learning about Christianity in R.E, so we got a chance to ask lots of questions from the Reverend, the Vicar and the guides! This was truly an eye-opening experience as the Cathedral has just celebrated its 300th anniversary and had been recently renovated. We were especially drawn to the beautiful stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus from his birth to his ascension to the Heavens. The children behaved extremely well and asked some fantastic, interesting questions to help them further with their research on Christianity.




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We got a chance to Baptise a baby doll- who we Christened ‘Daniel’. His forehead was sprinkled in holy water from the font and we were shown how the sign of the cross was made on the baby’s forehead to welcome it into the Church. We also got to dress up as the parents and god-parents!

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Passion for poetry

Minahil, in year 5, has a passion for writing poems.

She frequently writes poems in her own time about anything which inspires her.

Here are just a couple of her poems for you to enjoy…

Happy to be me

Brown is my hair,
Brown are my eyes,
I’m 10 years old,
And just the right size,
My name is Minahil
And, as you can see,
I am very happy to be me.



School is something,
We all must embrace,
Knowledge we need to,
Seek out and chase.

Subject and teaching,
Styles are plentiful and vary,
Just like backpacks,
We all need to carry.

Sports, clubs and activities,
At every single turn,
So much to do,
Study and learn.

Making pasta in the base.

IMG_8269 IMG_8267 IMG_8264 IMG_8266 IMG_8261 IMG_8260The children have worked really hard making pasta in the base today. Using flour and egg, the children were able to mix the ingredients together, roll the dough into a thin, round base and then  cut them into lots of different and interesting shapes. Once that was done, the pasta was cooked and added to a tomato sauce which was then enjoyed by all. We made pasta to keep in our theme this term,  which is all about the Roman Empire. What other Italian tasty treats will the children be cooking next? Keep checking to find out…

Chinese Fortune Cookies!


Today we had SO MUCH fun in Literacy! We are looking at adverts and persuasive writing for our literacy unit and were planning our own adverts for Chinese Fortune Cookies… BUT FIRST we had to try them! Mrs. Qamar was especially excited as she had NEVER tasted a Fortune Cookie before! We cracked them open and pulled out our own special messages. This was the best, most exciting part! After tasting them we used these ideas to help us think of appealing adjectives to describe the taste and texture our Fortune Cookies. We will be using these ideas this week to create our own final fantastic Fortune Cookie adverts! 🙂

IMG_0936 IMG_0937 IMG_0938 IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0946

Year 5 World War II Evacuation Day!

The date is 3rd September 1939 and Britain has just declared war on Germany

Today the war started.

Today was the beginning of a war that would change the face of Britain forever. 

Today the children in Year 5 prepared themselves for evacuation.

We started the day by listening  Neville Chamberlain’s war announcement. We then prepared ourselves for an air raid, made identity cards and evacuee tags, packed our suitcases and wrote a letter home about our experiences.

Throughout the day we learnt and discussed what it would have been like for children who were forced to be evacuees and discussed how we would have felt if we had to be separated from our families.

Air raid siren! Quick, under the table!
Protecting ourselves from the bombs.
Writing our evacuation tags and national identity records.
Packing our suitcases ready to be evacuated. 
Writing letters home.
All abroad the train to the countryside.