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RB1 and The Smartest Giant.

RB1 have been learning all about Julia Donaldson and the amazing books that she has written. They have been choosing adjectives to describe the title character of The Smartest GIANT in Town and they managed to come up with some amazing adjectives!!! The kids have done us proud!

Black Country Living Museum

On Friday, year 1 enjoyed a trip to the Black Country living museum. We learnt about different homes and how they have changed over the years. We saw an old classroom and even managed to sit in on a lesson. It was a very fun and tiring day.














26th November 2015 1J – Parent Phonics Workshop

Today we had our phonics workshop for our parents.  We supported parents and gave them advice and strategies to help them support their children at home, and develop their phonics skills.  The parents had an opportunity to watch a short phonics session and after, had the option of staying and playing a range of phonics themed games, with their children.  It was a good day and I know the children were very excited to have their parents there, so they could show off all they have learnt.  Thank you to all those who came, we hope you enjoyed it.  We certainly did.IMG_1822 IMG_1823  IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1828  IMG_1831  IMG_1836

Children helping children.


Everyone needs a helping hand now and again; whether it be advice, help with a task or simply just giving someone your time.  Children in Years 4&5 have been helping children from Years 2 & 3 on all those counts!

Last week saw the launch of this year’s Reading Buddy initiative.

Confident and prolific readers in Years 4& 5 were selected by their teachers to undergo peer reader training. These children read regularly at school and at home. They use Bug Club at school and at home. They visit the library, they always fill in their reading records AND they love talking about books.  What better role models?

Twice a week, each team of reading buddies give up part of their lunch hour to sit and read with children from Years 2&3, who need a helping hand with their reading.  They help the children sound out words and break words into smaller syllabus to read; all the while asking the children questions to improve their comprehension and understanding.

Buddy Reading takes place four times a week and is a fantastic example of our well-behaved, thoughtful children helping their peers to succeed.  We are very proud of them

Below are some video clips of the sessions in action.

Year 5 Reading Buddies

Year 4 Reading Buddies

Year 2 readers



The New MUGA!

The MUGA (Multi use games area) was officially opened on Monday the 23rd of November, the children have been very excited for its completion and our Year 5 and 6 football club were the first to use it. Year 3 and 4 football clubs were also able to use it on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The MUGA is in action every lunch time and is scheduled for different sports on different days. The sports that can be played on the MUGA are football, basketball, netball, Hockey, tag rugby, cricket, rounders, handball and many more.

Here are pictures from years 5 and 6 football club.

IMG_0084[1] IMG_0086[1] IMG_0085[1]

Getting Arty in Year 5!

So, once again, Year 5 have proved what a talented bunch they are! This time, during their Art lessons!

For the past couple of weeks we have been learning all about  Pop Art and have been looking at some very bold and colourful work produced by the famous Pop Artists Andy Warhol and Richard Lichtenstein.

Feeling inspired, we then decided to have a go ourselves, replicating some of their style and techniques to produce our own art.

Armed with a mirror, pencil and only 4 bright colours we produced incredible self portraits with a Pop Art twist!

Check them out!

084 090 092 080 076



Curry club in the base.

On Friday, our chef James came into the base to teach the children how to cook one of his famous curries. He asked the children to slice vegetables and test the delicious flavours that were thrown into the pot. Children and adults alike enjoyed the curry and even wanted seconds. Thankfully, the children will be cooking different exciting flavours of naan bread next week.

In Fabian’s words after finishing every last morsel…

“Ahh, that hit the spot!”

The Science of Friction!!!

Today, Year 4 explored the amazing science behind friction. They were treated to a series of demonstrations including pulling a table cloth out from under heavy objects and mysterious floating bubbles!

We learned about how friction slows moving objects down and how friction can vary from surface to surface. Year 4 generated a wide range of questions and they can’t wait to get on with their experiments!


Maddie took a bit of bump when we were discussion forces!


We learned that persistence is a very important attribute for a scientist when our first experiment failed!


It was worth it to see the bubbles suspended mysteriously above the tank!