Roald Dahl Day in Year Two!


We had a thoroughly enjoyable day in Year Two celebrating the wondrous and whimsical works of Roald Dahl! For one day only, our classrooms were absolutely full with witches, mad men, oompa loompas and animals! We dressed up as some of our favourite fantastical characters from Roald Dahl’s books, listened to some of his amazing stories and then had the opportunity to create some of our very own Roald Dahl-esque characters. We cut up the faces of various animals, people and ‘things’, moved eyes, shuffled mouths, budged noses and shifted ears, and then stuck everything down to create some truly scary, disgusting and fascinating beings! There were animals with owl’s eyes, elephant trunks, lion’s teeth and bunny ears! Following our brilliant artwork, we embraced our inner Roald Dahls and wrote some excellent character descriptions. We focused on including fantastic adjectives and exciting verbs. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs!

20150911_135951[1]  20150911_135941[1]