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The Lost things!!!

Have you ever see a lost thing?

They are hard to find!

In year six we have been looking and when you look hard enough you will find what you are looking for!

As part of our diary writing unit we have been watching ‘the lost thing’ (check it out on this link )

After watching we created our own lost things and acted out the day we met them.

Here is our winning video. Hope you enjoy!!!

Sarehole Mill Trip

We had a brilliant day out at Sarehole Mill, travelling back in time to the Stone age, Bronze age and the Iron age.

Picture 022

We used clay (animal poo), water and hay to bind our sticks together to build our shelter!

Picture 040IMG_0171IMG_0196

Picture 023 Picture 027

We even got the chance to dig for Stone age artifacts!


School Council Elections!

Today, the school council met up for their first official meeting of the year! First thing on the agenda…. who would be the new Chair and Vice Chair?

After several inspirational election speeches the votes were cast and counted and I can reveal that this year, our School council Chair is Manveer (6T) and Vice Chair is Khalid (5W).

A massive well done to them both!

School Council Chair – Manveer (6T)
School Council Vice Chair – Khalid (5W)
Election speeches


Will the Mysteries of Harris Burdick ever be solved?

When Chris Van Allsburg was invited to the home of Peter Wenders, he discovered fourteen drawings that were, like pieces of a picture puzzle, clues to larger pictures. But the puzzles, the mysteries, presented by these drawings, are not what we are used to. They are not solved for us, as in the final pages of a book or a film’s last reel. The solutions to these mysteries lie in a place at once closer to hand, yet far more remote. They lie in our imagination!

IMG_3574 IMG_3573

Will Humman and Janaynah solve the mystery? We will keep you updated…

You won’t believe where we have bean!

Today, all of Year Two went to the wonderful Cadbury World in Bournville. We went there to find out more about John Cadbury as part of our Famous People in Birmingham’s History topic. We had an absolutely amazing time! We went on an awesome African adventure in the play area, shrieked with delight in the fantastic 4D cinema, gazed in awe at the magnificent manufacturing plant and covered our faces in delicious, creamy chocolate. We discovered more about John Cadbury’s life-long campaigns against child labour, animal cruelty and alcohol abuse, found out that the first cocoa beans were unearthed by Mayan Indians and learnt bout the growth of the Bournville village, a stark contrast to the Birmingham back to backs. Also, we were given lots of free Cadbury’s chocolate to tease our friends and families with… Mmmm…

Roald Dahl Day in Year Two!


We had a thoroughly enjoyable day in Year Two celebrating the wondrous and whimsical works of Roald Dahl! For one day only, our classrooms were absolutely full with witches, mad men, oompa loompas and animals! We dressed up as some of our favourite fantastical characters from Roald Dahl’s books, listened to some of his amazing stories and then had the opportunity to create some of our very own Roald Dahl-esque characters. We cut up the faces of various animals, people and ‘things’, moved eyes, shuffled mouths, budged noses and shifted ears, and then stuck everything down to create some truly scary, disgusting and fascinating beings! There were animals with owl’s eyes, elephant trunks, lion’s teeth and bunny ears! Following our brilliant artwork, we embraced our inner Roald Dahls and wrote some excellent character descriptions. We focused on including fantastic adjectives and exciting verbs. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs!

20150911_135951[1]  20150911_135941[1]

Thinking ahead at Think tank.

The base went on a school trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham. Everybody was extremely excited, some more than others as they had never been to the Think Tank before. Oscar, our resident Think Tank expert helpfully explained some of the exciting things they would encounter. Once we arrived, a helpful member of the staff told us how to be safe in the event of an emergency. Then we were left to explore…

We learned explored some very exciting and very important topics such as recycling, the human body, electricity and history.

The entire class took part in a science experiment in which we made some gooey hair gel and watched the resident scientist cause some small, yet fun explosions.

Everybody had a brilliant day and we are all looking forward to our next trip already!



Would you like to ski what we have done?

Today, Year 4 have been using their imaginations, working as a team and creating some fantastic artwork in the process. After our trip to the Snowdome last week we started thinking about how people use mountains. What sort of activities take place? Do people live and work on mountains? This all culminated in Year 4 planning and creating their very own ski resorts! We made swimming pools, hospitals, hotels, roads and much more. Finally, we sorted these into human and physical features.

IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1059 IMG_1062 IMG_1069 IMG_1701 IMG_1705 IMG_1709