The Year 1 performance.

After much hard work, many rehearsals and hours spent making costumes and recording our soundtrack, the  Year 1 performance, made in collaboration with Stan’s Cafe, was brilliant.

The children oozed confidence and performed wonderfully. The performance was a fusion of dance, poetry, spoken word, sound, light and costume; all exploring animals, their bodies and the way they move.

Thank you to all the parents that attended, we are very grateful for your support.

In addition to the performance at school, 1G took their part of the performance to King Edwards School, as part of the Elliott Foundation’s Art Festival.

All in all, a very creative and exciting project.  Well done to everyone involved.     IMG_0194 IMG_0192 IMG_0191 IMG_0183 IMG_0176 IMG_0175 IMG_0174 IMG_0158 IMG_0189 IMG_0183 IMG_0176 IMG_0172