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Stan’s Café 23rd June 2015 1W

This week we have all enjoyed recording different sound bites for our poetry session with Stan’s Café.  We have been thinking about different animals and thinking about the sorts of things we might say or ask them, if we were to meet them.  We worked in pairs and small groups to record different sound bites which will all be used in our production.

Zayan and Sadiyah were very happy to model to the children the sorts of questions they could ask each other.  All the children really enjoyed taking on the role of a different animal and considering how things may be, from their perspective.
The children all enjoyed listening to sound bites that the older children had recorded in past years.  They all enjoyed the songs that played in the background, especially the girls, who enjoyed dancing along.
All the children became very excited when they found out that what they recorded, would also be used as part of their production.  Ayah in particular, became very animated when she made this connection.

Stan’s Cafe 1G 23rd June 2015

This week we have enjoyed visual arts with Denise! We had a carousel of different activities to learn and practise new art skills and techniques. photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7

The activities were; cutting out green warts ready for our frog costumes, working with Denise to create a magical sun flower for our set, making templates for butterflies, and printing some labels for special sacks!



Stan’s Café 1W 16th June 2015

This week Year 1 have been working very hard to create props for their performance with Stan’s café.  They have been cutting, printing, drawing and helping to design the items that will be used in their part of the performance.  They have all worked really hard and as you can see, they have all had a great time.  Well done Year 1!


Lutfiya spent a lot of time carefully cutting out the feathers that will be part of the duck costume.
The children had a go at printing.  They watched and listened carefully and later on, taught their friends how to do it.


The children were very focused on cutting out the feathers.  They all did a fantastic job!
Zaidan and Zain really enjoyed designing their straws for the production.  They took the whole task very seriously as you can see.
Dylan was very focused as he cut out a knife and fork for the performance.  he was very focused on the activity and took it all very seriously.

Stan’s Cafe Week 2 1G

We really enjoyed our  dance session today. After a very energetic warm up, we enjoyed passing a ball around our bodies and onto the next person. We then rolled a dice to see which of our body parts would lead us around the room and into different spaces. When the music stopped, we created freeze-frames where that body part was touching a mark on the floor. We were fantastic at making interesting shapes.

maria Saniya Seema shannon and Aleeza

We then started to think about the different animals body parts and how they move. We decided that butterflies fly gracefully, frogs use their back legs to jump high, and that their long tongues flick out quickly. Foxes creep and swish their tales and duck’s tails make them waddle. The final step was to decide on three moves that each animal makes and to practice them in groups. We can’t wait to perform!

Stan’s Cafe – 1G 9th June 2015

Today was our first session working with Charlie. We were very excited to find lots of different cuddly toy animals in the special bag. We talked about the features of the different animals and then wowed our teachers with our amazing adjectives.
Mrs Gordon’s favorite ones were ‘tickly, wickly’ ‘enormous, glowing’ and ‘bright, twinkling’. Can you guess which body parts the children were talking about?
Unfortunately the camera broke but look out for photos of next weeks activities

Stan’s Cafe – 1H – 9th June 2015

Today was the first time we worked with Stan’s Cafe. We worked with artist Denise and we thought about different animals; fox, frog, butterfly, duck and human. We thought about the senses the different animals had and their features.



We then had a go at drawing the features of these animals in small groups. We looked closely at pictures of each animals eyes, ears, nose and mouths. With the butterfly, we learnt that they use their antennae to help them feel the world around them!


When we had finished our drawings, we experimented with foam. We cut our foam into the shapes of the features. It was lots of fun trying to cut things into the correct shape and the foam was very easy to work with.

Next week we will start making large versions of the features that we will use in our performance.

Stan’s Café 1W 9th June 2015

We have enjoyed our first dance session with Stan’s café. We have been looking at the different parts of the body and the way we can move them.  We have also been looking at different animals and the way they move.

We worked on our own and in pairs, to make and  hold different balances.
We looked at the different parts of our bodies and the different ways we could move them.
We looked at different animals and how they moved.  Catherine was very good at showing us how an octopus moves.
We worked in different sized groups and tried to use different levels in our freeze frames.  We had to pretend to be different groups of animals  and show some of the poses these animals might adopt.
Here are the boys pretending to be foxes.  Salaah is looking particularly fierce here. Terrifying!!
Syrah had a lot of fun getting into the role of a fox.  Here is a freeze frame of her screeching like a fox.