Monthly Archives: April 2015

Year 2 writing team

The following is a short video of my star writers from Year 2.  We work together everyday, exploring different writing genres, new words and their meanings, grammar rules and exceptions, sentence types and structures, and accurate punctuation. PHEW!

Importantly, we orally rehearse our sentences, hearing what they sound like out-loud before we write them. This way we begin to attune to the rhythms and rules of language. We share our ideas confidently and we improve them together, as a group, learning from each other. Importantly, we learn how to become  independent writers with increasingly individual voices.

In the following video, watch out for the children sounding out their words as they write them, re-reading their work to check for mistakes, and pausing to reflect on what they will write next.  Their progress is rapid and they impress me everyday. Well done super stars!