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Coming Soon -World Book Day

On World Book Day we will be celebrating with a hat.

Hats of all sorts, shapes and sizes have played a starring role in books over the years, donning the heads of some of our most exciting and engaging story characters.

On Thursday 5th March 2015 the staff and children of Billesley are challenged to……

Wear a character’s hat:

Perhaps you could wear a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker?


Harry Potter had a sorting hat, could you sort one of those for yourself?


Winnie had a witch’s one, could you magic one for yourself?


Long John Silver wore a tricorn – YAH ME MATEY!


Maybe you could come to school in Wally’s bobble hat?


The cat in the Hat had a marvelous hat, maybe, just maybe you could wear that?


Or perhaps, you could wear a hat with character?

A good hat should turn heads.


A great hat should get people talking.


An outstanding hat, a truly outstanding hat should incite others to point, stare and shake their heads in disbelief.

Just WHAT is THAT on your head!

To celebrate World Book day come in hat – yes let’s do that!

Bug Club – coming soon….


I am delighted to tell you that thanks to yet another size-able investment by Mrs Clifton into the English Curriculum fund, I have recently been able to purchase an on-line subscription to Bug Club for the WHOLE school!

Bug Club is a wonderful resource that enables every child in our school to have access to a rich and varied selection of reading materials, perfectly matched to their current level of ability. Just imagine – comics, chapter books, plays, poems, traditional stories, fairy tales, factual reports, mystery’s, comedies etc etc… all ready and accessible to the eager reader.

With Bug Club the children can choose which books to read, but also, we can select books we would like them to read as well; books we think that will motivate and inspire them to keep on reading and make progress.  Not only that, there are games and quizzes for them to complete that help us to determine the children’s comprehension and decoding (reading) skills.  And here’s the best bit – the children can use Bug Club at school AND at home!

With all that in mind we can’t wait to get the children using our new resource.  We are currently setting things.   I’ll update you with more information about how to access and use Bug Club in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please ask me.  Alternatively, you can email me at

Here is a fantastic promotional video about Bug Club  – please share it with your children –

Mr Hudson





Book Fair 2014

Book Fair

The Book Fair 2014 was a HUGE success, thanks to the avid readers at Billesley and their very generous families. I am delighted to say that we had our best year EVER, selling lots of lovely new books and raising an impressive £1267.00.

A HUGE thank you to all of the children and families who bought books and helped our school earn over £700 in commission.  Now, we just have to spend the commission…..

British Values and Democracy are high on the agenda at Billesley and as such we decided it was only right and proper that as the children earned the money, the children should have a say in spending the money.  It was time to assemble the School Council.

Under the guidance of Miss Zienlinska, the School Council sought the opinions of the children through surveys and questionnaires, culminating in an  ICT session in class, browsing some of their favourite authors and titles on-line, and compiling their book wish list.

council books

I am now in possession of the wish lists and have the very exciting job of spending lots of money on a variety of books that the children have specifically requested. What better way of encouraging ‘reading for pleasure’ than by allowing the children to be part of the purchasing process.

If you would like to contact Mr Hudson about this or any other aspect of the English Curriculum, please do so at