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PC Andy visits the base

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PC Andy came in to school to meet the children of RB1 and RB2. We will be going to Billesley Manor for some of our Forest School sessions. He showed us some pictures of the orchard and told us some of the exciting things we will be doing!   We are really looking forward to developing our links with the police and working in the grounds of Billesley Manor.


Roald Dahl Day


What an amazing day we had today, on this, this most magnificent of Roald Dahl-i-est of days!

The staff and children kicked-off our special day in the usual Billesley-style with some AMAZING costumes. We were knee-deep in Oompa-Loompas and up to our eyes in Foxes and Twits. There were BFGs,  Willy Wonkas and Grandmas, as far as the eye could see. I counted three Jameses, eleven Charlies, half a dozen Matildas and a Giant Peach!  The list was  glorious and endless. I lost count, adrift in a sea of Dahl’s imagination.

Well done to the children, parents and staff for an outstanding effort.

During our morning assembly, lead by Mr. Willy Wonkerson, each class was presented with a golden envelope containing three challenges and three lucky tickets. Throughout the course of the day, the children had to complete their Dahl-themed challenges back in class.

This saw them: concocting marvellous (and dastardly) medicines; writing about their perfect dream; creating (and eating) a fantastical sweetie; drawing, painting and dancing, to creatively express the after effects of their medicine; designing and making dream catchers; and, building the BIGGEST free-standing giant that that they could possibly muster.

Each challenge, in each class, had a winner who’s name was written on a lucky ticket. By assembly in the afternoon, each class had three lucky tickets; three children who’s teacher felt that their work pipped the others to the post. Just. It was a close call in lots of cases, such was the high standard of work. Each classes lucky tickets went into Willy Wonka’s hat. A grand winner was then selected and received a prize – a book from Dahl’s collection. Winners and runners-up were all awarded a Billesley Certificate of Outstanding Achievement.

The day ran smoothly and was a delight to be a part of, thanks to the super behaviour of the children, and the enthusiasm and hard work of the Billesley staff. Were you to have visited our classrooms today, you would have seen excited, motivated and polite children accepting the challenge and working hard. Children listening carefully, being creative, working together, and striving to do their best work possible.

Just like any other day really.

The photographs are below.  Enjoy. More can be found  on our Twitter feed. If you aren’t following us, you’re missing out!  Billesley Twitter Feed

Mr Hudson