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Any Fool Can Start A War


Thank you to everyone who came to mac birmingham to see Any Fool Can Start A War. We hope that you enjoyed the show. It was an amazing even to be part of and it was a privilege to work with Year 6. We have spoken to lots of people who aren’t parents or teachers but who paid money to come and see the show just because they were interested in it and they were all very enthusiastic. What they didn’t know, because they were not in the first rehearsals, is how hard everyone worked on the show, how tough it was for some of the cast, how much everyone in the cast improved through the course of rehearsals. To see the difference between the early rehearsals and Thursday’s final performance was a great privilege. Well done everyone.


First Performance

Today Year 6 performed the WORLD PREMIERE of their show Any Fool Can Start A War. Almost two hundred people came to see the show and it was very well received. We did well, but we know we can do better tomorrow.

Dress Rehearsal

Year 6 spent the day at mac birmingham, in Cannon Hill Park preparing for tomorrow’s WORLD PREMIERE of Any Fool Can Start A War.

First we rehearsed the songs and checked that costume alterations have worked well. Then we got used to working with all the microphones, video cameras, vision mixer, computer and lights that we will be using.

Then we ate our packed lunches in the park.

After lunch we got into our costumes. We were given ‘notes’ – which are advice and instructions to improve our performances. Then we had a ‘dress rehearsal’. This is a rehearsal that is in costumes and is as close to the final performance as possible.

The show is looking very good, but there are still lots of things we can improve on. Everyone must speak loudly and clearly. Everyone must look confident and not fidget. Girls who play top American politicians and military figures have to have their ties done up properly and their jackets buttoned up.

It is exciting how much coverage there has been about the show in the media. We were on television yesterday The Wright Stuff Channel 5 (41 minutes in). We have been in the Metro newspaper with a photograph. The Birmingham Post, the Birmingham Mail and The Stage, which is a weekly newspaper about the theatre.

The quotes in these articles say that making the show is scary – it isn’t that scary but saying it is makes for a good quote that will be published. It’s going to be brilliant if everyone concentrates and does their best.


RB1 go to the seaside!

image  We left school bright and early!

image        image

image        image

The sun was shining and we had a great time digging, making sand angels and sandcastles.

image          image

We enjoyed burying each other’s feet!

image      image

image       image        image

image       image       image

image     image       image

It was a great day and we all had a fantastic time – there was only one thing left to do………..!!