Monthly Archives: June 2014

Singing in the Rain


On Saturday 28th of June some very dedicated and talented members of our choir performed at the Happy Valley Festival. They performed as a huge group with children from many other local schools. The weather was exceptionally wet, which meant the children had to perform in a large marquee! Their voices sounded fantastic and it made the audience feel like the sun was shining.


Our boys love to write!

The Nursery boys have a real passion for writing. They particularly enjoy writing when it taps into their interests. Here they are using superheroes as a stimulus for their writing and loved describing them!




image image


Reception were very keen to learn all about Ramadan.  They looked at a variety of Islamic books and now understand that fasting is a pillar of Islam and Muslims open their fast with a date. The reception children were very keen to discover how dates tasted!


4T’s Reading Web


Morale was sky high today in 4T, when the number of books that children have read at home reached an an amazing 507! Our next target is 1000! We can do it!


Reading is dreaming with open eyes!


Healthy picnic with our parents

During health week, we learnt all about healthy foods and why it is important to keep active.

We invited our parents to share what we had learned. We had a range of ingredients to make a healthy sandwich and we made home made crisps!   To drink, there was a choice of banana smoothie or sparkling juice.

As  it was such a sunny afternoon, we took out parents outside to share our picnic. A great time was had by all!

image image image   image image

Growing & eating our strawberries





Nursery have been learning about how to grow and care for plants. They decided they wanted to grow some strawberries and made sure they remembered to water them each day. Nursery were very excited once the strawberries turned red and enjoyed picking them and eating them!



image image image image

Trip to the park

On Monday 23rd June, RB1 spent the afternoon at Chinnbrook Park.

The sun was shining and we had a fantastic time developing our physical skills. We practised hanging, swinging and climbing.

image           image

Some of us were a bit unsteady when we arrived, but with some practise we became more confident and were able to show our new skills!


On the way back to school, we stopped at the shop to buy an ice cream, we had our own money and went to the till to pay.




Health week


Nursery have been been looking at lots of different healthy foods.They tried a variety of fruits and carried out lots of physical activity.